Show and Tell

I always enjoy Kelli's Show and Tell, go here for more fun things!
I'm sharing the high shelf in our guest room. This shelf area is way up, about nine feet high, and runs along one wall above the closet, and a built-in book shelf. In some areas these are called pot shelves. I don't have pots on my shelves, we have these shelves in several rooms, and I display special items on them.
This high shelf in the guest room has childhood memorabilia on it. The two boy dolls I bought when I only had two grandsons, they represent Taylor and Tanner, my older grandsons.
The Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls belonged to my two daughters, as well as the sets of books, which includes Little House on the Prairie (and other Laura Ingalls books), and Nancy Drew books.
The rocking horse was Taylor, then Tanner's when they were small. His name is "Peanut." The reason they named him Peanut is because they won him in a raffle put on by Planter's Peanuts at a drug store! After the boys outgrew Peanut, my daughter was going to get rid of him, but I wouldn't allow it! I brought him home and he has been happy residing atop this shelf for several years!

Peanut is coming out of retirement! He is no longer on the shelf, he is packed in our van, ready for a trip! He is going to SC to live with Caden! Caden will be two-years-old Sunday and is old enough to ride Peanut! I'm loaning Peanut to them, I will get him back someday....hopefully!

Now I have to find another big item to go in the bare spot on the shelf! But I don't have time to do it before we leave Friday morning. We are going on a long vacation, to several different destinations, first stop is to Caden's house for his birthday party! In two weeks, we'll go to Elisabeth's house for her 2nd birthday! In between parties, we are going to Joe's hometown in NY, then to the Poconos in PA!

We are taking our laptop, but it doesn't always work where we are, so I may or may not be able to communicate with you.

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P.S. - Joe also had a good report from his doctor today! PTL!


Little Duds

I bought this little yellow rose outfit for Elisabeth when she was born! It is size 24 months, so I hope it will fit her now! Some of you may remember two years ago we had two grandbabies born two weeks apart, in two different states!! Well, they are having their second birthdays in August.
It is so much fun shopping for little ones again. Here's the matching pants with yellow roses on them!

Caden will be two this coming Sunday (Aug 3rd) Here's a cute little outfit we found for him. The shirt is green and brown plaid, with matching brown pants.
This cute little monkey is on all the pieces.
It also has coordinating denim jeans and jacket, with the little monkey on them!
And -- a matching hat! It has "Little Hunk" on it! Very appropriate! ;-)

And, look at this!! I haven't been able to buy any little ballet things in a very long time (since my daughters were little!) We have two big boy grandsons too, so I've been buying all boy things, until now! I can't wait to see Elisabeth in this! Her birthday is Aug 17th.

Elisabeth is a girly-girl, she loves jewelry, and all the girly froo-froo! Shown are rings, bracelets, and a necklace for her!

I hope you enjoyed taking a peek at some of their birthday presents! There's a bunch of toys that go along with these clothes! Grandparents love to spoil their Grands!!


PTL and more on china

I didn't even think about telling about the back of the plates until Nikki asked me, I should have done that! The little one is actually a small bowl, maybe a small dessert dish. On the back it has LIDO. Under that is W.S. George, then under that is Canarytone. Under that is Made in U.S.A. and under that 142A. I have looked it up and found that Lido and W.S. George Canarytone is on Ebay, it is a pretty pale yellow, there are other designs, didn't see any little cottages though.

On the back of the platter is:Royal Chester, Made in Japan. It is inside almost a circle, with a leaf branch on either side, like an insignia. Below the insignia is Ogden. The leaf branch is gold, the inside is aqua. I also didn't think about trying to find any of this on the net. I found some of this on Replacements. I'm tempted to order some -- like I really need it, you know!! LOL!

PTL!! I have a Praise the Lord! I went to the cardiologist today and was given a clean bill of health!!! Thank you Lord, for answered prayers! He said I passed all the tests, and my heart is NORMAL!! I'm so grateful! Now we can go on vacation and really relax! I can go about my normal pace, it has been tough "taking it easy" which my primary care doctor recommended. I'll have to see her again when we return, probably go another route to continue searching for reasons why my arms still tingle, hurt, and go numb (at different times.)

Joe goes to the VA Hospital for a routine check-up. We're hoping/praying for a good report for him too!

Thank you for your prayers!!



More things from hometown

Here are two more things I brought back from my hometown. The large platter, above, was my grandmother's. I remember her fried chicken being served on this platter! My sister wanted me to have it because is is pale yellow. She gives me all the yellow things because it is my favorite color! It is displayed on our yellow kitchen counter for now.

This cute little dish was in a spare room at my sisters. I thought it so cute, so she gave it to me too! I love the little cottage design on it.

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A friend and I went to the movies this afternoon. We saw Mama Mia. It was a cute musical! A chick flick for sure, I doubt my hubby would have enjoyed it very much. The Abba songs brought back a lot of memories. I have been singing/humming Dancing Queen all night! And I really enjoyed The Winner Takes All! I was surprised at Merle Streep singing, and of how agile she is -- she is only 9 years younger than I am!! I don't think I could do all that jumping around she did!

Have you seen Mama Mia yet? Do you hope to see it? I recommend you see it, you'll have a feel good feeling afterwards!

*NOTE: I'm adding this note (the day after I posted this) "Mama Mia" didn't get very good reviews, but I don't usually go by the so called expert's reviews. I judged the movie on how it made me feel, and how the people sitting around me were reacting, which was with laughter and happiness. Granted, Merle Streep, and Pierce Brosnam's voices weren't all that great, but I enjoyed them giving it a shot at their ages. As I already said before, I was amazed at how she moved around, and the most favorite thing was the scenery, the little Greek island that made you want to go there!

These days with all the negative subjects, violence, and weirdness on the screen, it's a pleasure to see something without it that is just plain fun. I know the musical movies are never as good as the actual plays, but I try to be very positive about the good outweighing the bad! And, I went away happy, with a song in my heart, still singing again today! If a movie can make this happen for anyone, it is a good one!

We don't go to the movies much, mainly because we have to drive 30 miles to the nicer theater (the one where we live leaves a lot to be desired!) They are too expensive (even with the senior discount, it is $6.50 a ticket.) And, again, there's the problem of so many of the movies just being trash!!

Saturday night I watched a movie on TV (because nothing else was on.) I watched "Under The Tuscan Sun." I enjoy this movie, I've seen it umpteen times, and I have the video! Have you ever seen it?

I haven't read the book, but I think I might get it to read on vacation. By the way, there's a new Nicholas Sparks movie coming in September, looks like a good one, it has Diane Lane, and Richard Gere in it. I like his movies, even tho they usually have a sad ending.

She also has another book out since the movie came out. Have you read Bella Tuscany?

Are you a fan of movies! Every time hubby and I go, we say we should go more often! He and I went together about two weeks ago, to see "Get Smart" he wanted to see it so I went with him since he goes to tea rooms with me! It was kinda cute.



Today's Tea Time

I was reading LaTeaDah's Gracious Hospitality blog about The Tea Guy, and started thinking about my "tea guy!" My dear hubby who goes to tea rooms with me! Today was one of those days! We went to the Shakespeare's Tea Room today! Do you remember I won a $25 gift certificate on my birthday (May 19th) for the hat contest? (Click on May 08 on the side bar of this blog.) We decided to redeem the gift certificate today. We even asked some neighbors to join us. We enjoyed the lunch very much, I had the Afternoon Tea served on a three-tiered tray, and a pot of decaf tea. Joe had Shepherds Pie and cinnamon tea. Our friends both ordered the Maid's Lunch, which has a small assortment of sandwiches, a small salad, and three tea pot shaped sugar cookies.

I know you are thinking - is she going to share pictures of today's tea? Here we are the proud owners of a new camera, and we forgot to take our camera!!

We did have some good laughs though, they have these little metal saucers (about 2" diameter) that holds a little strainer, you put the strainer on top of the cup to strain the tea leaves in the tea pot. Well, Joe had the little strainer on his cup, strained the tea, then couldn't find the tiny little saucer! We were looking everywhere for it, and the server came over and told us it probably fell into his cup of tea! Sure enough, that's where it was!! It had stuck to the strainer, then fell into the tea when the strainer was placed on top of the cup! We had to fish it out! LOL! It's hard to be proper with these things going on! You have to know my sweet husband is 6 foot 2, and 260 pounds!! Picture him perched at a little tea table on a little chair! Actually, Shakespeare's tea room has an English theme with big high back black leather chairs, they are more his style! Another chuckle, when hubby said, "wonder if they have any toothpicks!" I said, Joe, this is a tea room, they wouldn't have toothpicks!" Our friends got a kick out of all this, it was her husband's first time there too. Tea time doesn't have to be stuffy, it can be lots of fun!

Thank you for your interest, please leave a comment! And please do return soon!



Show and Tell

Time for Kelli's Show and Tell. Go to Kelli's No Place Like Home for lots more fun.

Today I'm sharing something very special to me. This tea pot, and coffee pot were my mother's. When I went to my hometown in May for my class reunion I stayed with my sister. She gave me several items that had been my mother's. I had wondered what had happened to these items. A neat story - my mother had given them to my brother many years ago. My brother loved antiques, especially things that had been in the family. He died of a heart attack in 1984 at age 52. His wife has had these pieces all these years, and she decided to give them back to our family! I'm so thankful she did this! My sister isn't into tea and tea parties like I am and she told me to take what I wanted. There's about eight pieces, some bowls and casseroles, and a ball water pitcher. I remember mother using the water pitcher a lot. It is a big round water pitcher with the above design on it. This design is from the Jewel Tea Company. Back in the 40s the Jewel Tea Company delivered to your house. My mother bought these from the truck that came around often, probably monthly. I vaguely remembered her having the tea pot and had wondered if she really did, or if I just thought she did. She did indeed! There it is! And now it is here in my house with me!! I really didn't have any room for this, and they aren't so much my colors, but I couldn't turn down this opportunity, and the memories! I wanted the ball water pitcher and may get it someday, as my sister didn't really care what I took. I only took these two pieces, she also had a larger coffee pot, and I took the smaller one. The tea pot is the large Aladdin Tea Pot, it still has the glass infuser inside. I'm very excited about it because of the unusual shape! These may not be valuable to others, but to me they are treasures!

Click on the Jewel Tea Autumn Leaf link for an interesting article about Jewel Tea.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my family memories. I have a few more things I brought back from Alabama that I will be sharing soon.



New Doll!

Introducing my newest doll! This is a Marie Osmond Tiny Tot doll, Patricia Lynne! One night I couldn't find anything to watch on TV, so I turned on QVC and found Marie Osmond on with her pretty dolls. Some people may not know she is a doll designer with her own company.
I always wanted a Marie doll, but the bigger ones cost too much. This night she was featuring this small doll, at only about 10 inches. It was much cheaper at $40-something, and in a weak moment I picked up the phone and ordered it!
When she arrived I found this darling little necklace was also included with her!
Here's a closeup of the necklace, "M" for Marie!

Something else that is her signature - the beauty mole on the corner of her left eye. Marie herself has a beauty mole in the same spot. Only the dolls that Marie herself designs have these beauty moles. Marie has other designers for dolls, but they don't have the beauty mole!

Certificate of Authenticity

Originally offered as a limited edition of only 10 dolls worldwide, “Patricia Lynn Tiny Tot” is the miniaturized version of Marie Osmond’s “Edition 10” collection doll. She bears the middle name of one of Marie’s own daughters – who was named after one of her dearest friends. Collectible extras abound on the timeless “Patricia Lynne Tiny Tot.”

“Patricia Lynne Tiny Tot” is truly a collectible doll by sculptor, Marie Osmond. She has been hand-crafted with the special attention to detail that is the hallmark of all Marie Osmond dolls.

“Patricia Lynne Tiny Tot” is hallmarked on the back of her neck with Marie’s signature and is hand-numbered.

Certified by and signed by Marie Osmond, and numbered Open Edition 1199

Here's Marie's signature on the back, with the number of the doll.

I had to show her little feet and booties!

I hope you enjoyed seeing the newest member of our family!

How about that, two posts in one day! My camera lesson was on using the zoom and focus, and loading the pictures and modifying them. I'm glad I'm not being graded on this! Hubby had to help me a LOT!


P.S. - For those who enjoy scrapbooking, there's a mini lesson below for you!

Wednesday's - "Worth a thousand Words"

It's been a long time since I've posted "Worth a thousand Words" on a Wednesday. I can't seem to do "Wordless Wednesday" because I just have to say a bunch of words about these photos! This is not a new photo, it was in my photo files. It is my grandson, Caden, at two days old when his little cousin came to visit him in the hospital!

Maybe you are wondering why I'm not sharing a new photo taken with our new camera? Well, it has been raining a lot all afternoon. Later I went outside to look for something with raindrops on it, but didn't have any success. There was lots of raindrops, but nothing suitable! I do have an idea of something to share later tonight, after I have my camera lesson, and practice on a certain subject. Thanks to all of you who have given me a lot of encouragement about the camera!

Since I still have a lot of interest in scrapbooking, I'll continue to share about my simple style.

A short mini lesson on scrapbooking: I found this picture in my photo files and thought I would share it with you. I'm sorry I don't have a larger picture so you could enlarge it for details. On the left page of the album I have drawn on a "journal box" and have written inside it about the little hand-knitted dress and booties made for our granddaughter by her other grandmother. I took a closeup picture of the dress and the booties, then cut them out. I placed the cut-out dress at the bottom of the journal box for decoration. I placed the booties (they look like Mary Jane shoes and socks) below the journal box, then drew a "string" from both, and tied a "bow" onto the journal box to make it look like they are tied to the frame and dangling down. A second way to do this is to use a piece of paper for the journal box (instead of drawing it on) punch a hole with a hole-puncher, at the corner of the paper journal box, then draw the string to look like it is tied onto the paper journal box, going through the hole and tied. I've used this on several things, you can also use stickers that are dangling down. Once I used ice skate stickers like this, and another time I did saddle oxford shoes stickers like this (on a 50s page I did for our reunion.) You could also use mitten stickers, toy stickers, tree ornament stickers, etc.
Here's another tip (today is a two-for-one sale!!) I cut out several sizes of thin cardboard to use for templates for my journal boxes. I just draw around them with a journaling pen to make squares or rectangles. Then I use a ruler to make pencil lines inside the box to journal on. When I finish journaling, I erase the pencil lines, and, voila! straight handwriting! (The only way I can do it!)

I hope this will inspire you to start your scrapbooking! It's not as hard as you may think!

P.S. - These grandbabies will be two years old next month!


Our Bouganvillia

Today my husband trimmed our bouganvillia vine growing on the arbor at our front entryway. These grow very well in Florida, too well, my hubby thinks! He has to keep it trimmed or it would probably grow over the top of the house! They are very difficult to trim since they have very long thorns! His arms and hands always get cuts and scratches from trimming them. He is not so sure it is worth it! We really get a lot of nice compliments from people passing by seeing the pretty vine overflowing on the arbor. When he trims it he always brings in some of them to put in a vase, they will last a couple of days. Today I put them in an antique pitcher and have them on a large mirror on the dining room table. Below is what was on the mirror before I changed it to the flowers.

Musical water globe

A friend gave me the Old Country Rose musical water globe recently. I had never seen one. It has sparkly "snow" inside, I tried to capture it with my new zoom camera! I'm not adapting to the camera as quickly as I expected to! I just need lots of practice! We'll be going to see our grandchildren soon, and we will get to take lots of pictures of them!



It's here!!!!

It's here!!! I'm so happy!! I'm looking for things to take pictures of! This was my first try. I'm not real happy with the closeup of this bouganvillia blossom. I'll keep trying.

This one is the whole branch (the only one I can reach!)

All this is what I have to read!!! Yikes! It's all a little overwhelming right now, and I'm a bit intimidated! I will do it though! My husband is helping me step-by-step! Hopefully I'll have some good photos -- and subjects soon! Now I'm wishing I hadn't told you about the new camera, because you'll be expecting great things! Not sure I can live up to it! LOL!

Speaking of great things, I want to recognize two fairly new fellow bloggers who have done a great job with their blogging! I was blown away tonight when I looked at their blogs. Check out Ceekay's new look here. And for some neat entertainment, look at Nikki's blog here! I wish I could be as creative as they are!


Part 3 - Scrapbooking

For those of you who didn't see the pictures of my Treasure Album, I'm showing it again. I posted this on Show and Tell on April 23rd, if you want to see details close-up, go to April 23rd and click on the photos there.

Part 3 – Scrapbooking

I decided to add a part 3 about scrapbooking since there are so many of you who scrapbook, want/need to scrapbook, even feel guilty because you don’t scrapbook!

Where are your photos? In drawers, in shoeboxes? In some of those fancy shoebox size decorated boxes? Still in the photo envelops from where they were developed? Well, believe it or not, they are probably better off in some of those places than left in your digital camera for years, or forever! The digital camera has become the storage spot in this decade for those precious photo memories. It is sad that those photos may never be printed! Some children may never get to see pictures of their childhood!!

Do you ever read the Cathy cartoons? Even she has been posting about how many photos are inside their cameras, never to be seen! It’s very common these days!

Technology progresses and the digital cameras continue to be updated, the old cameras becoming obsolete! We see it happening with all electronics, our computers can no longer support the old discs, the floppy discs are gone, the little square discs are being replaced by the flash memory USB jump drive. (I think that’s what those little “sticks” are called. Soon, maybe sooner than we expect – those photos that are stored inside the digital cameras will no longer be accessible! Can you remember the old 8-track music cassettes? They are gone, we can no longer play them! Next were the smaller cassette tapes, don’t know if they can be played these days! Then came the CDs, they are here to stay, right? Even now they are being replaced by DVDs, and the cell phones are also taking over these days with newer things becoming available!

I’m old enough to remember the old Polaroid cameras, I had one, and the pictures weren’t that great, or didn’t last very long! Unfortunately some of my small children’s photos were taken on these and they have either disappeared or discolored.

Think about what has happened, and what is going to happen in the future! Please get prints of your special memory occasions, especially your babies and children! Don’t let them grow up to find there are no pictures of them growing up! At least none that can be seen! No way to access the storage inside those cameras! Think about it, it could (and will) happen eventually!

Please keep your photos printed. Scrapbooking is a wonderful way to leave your photos and stories to your children, but if they aren’t in an album(s) then at least have them somewhere that they can see!

I use the CM storage boxes that holds about 2300 pictures. You can organize the photos in chronological order, or alphabetical order. This is a great way to store photos in these large boxes, until I can get them into the photo albums! They have smaller pockets inside to pull out a certain date, or subject, a few at a time while working on them in albums. These boxes are very portable and can easily be taken in case of emergency, such as a hurricane coming! We have to worry about things like that here in Florida! This is the last post about scrapbooking! I hope you don't mind reading all I've had to say about it, most of all I hope it will inspire you!



Show and Tell

Time for Kelli's Show and Tell, go here for lots more fun!

Today I am sharing a little wooden doll ornament a friend of mine painted back in the 70s. It is a wooden spindle, I think. The sleeves are pieces of old crocheted lace. Each year on the first Friday in December my friend, Kim, would have a home bazaar and sell lots of her unique painted items. Everyone stood in line waiting for the doors to open so they could shop for her one-of-a-kind items! She worked most of the year preparing for the bazaar. I have four or five of her things, but this is the only one I have on my computer now. When I get my new computer (hopefully Monday!) I'll take pictures of the other things she made, that I purchased. I think this is supposed to be a tree ornament, but I've always left it out year around. It is displayed in our guest room. You can click on it to see detail.

I hope you enjoyed seeing Kim's little lady. Kim moved away and doesn't do the bazaars anymore. I think she has a website, I'll have to find it and share it when I show her other things. She has changed her style though, she does mostly nautical and sea life things now - things like wooden screens, doors, etc.


Scrapbooking, Part 2 (and an announcement!)

I'm continuing last night's discussion on scrapbooking. I'm showing two old photos I posted on my blog a while ago. This is my set-up for my Creative Memories workshops. This is the way my dining room looks each Tuesday night! The album above is my grandson, Caden's album with his birth announcement and newborn photo.

I really don’t like to call my hobby scrapbooking, because I don’t think of our precious pictures as “scraps!” We call it “cropping!” I also don’t have any interest in doing digital scrapbooking! I know, I guess I’m just old-fashioned, but I just don’t want to sit at a computer working on photos! I spend too much time on the computer as it is and I don’t think my back could take it any longer! I do admire those who do the digital scrapbooking, and I think it is beautiful, but I just prefer the “hands-on” crafting!

I really do quite simple d├ęcor on the album pages, I have run the gamut and gone from elaborate decorating on pages, to now simple! I’m now focusing on “telling the story” by journaling my thoughts, prayers, etc. on the page with the photos. It has been proven that people, especially children, aren’t as interested in the decoration as they are in what the words about them say! I want to leave this legacy of love with my family, especially the little grandchildren, who we may not live to see them as adults! Also, these two babies (who turn two next month!) have working parents who don’t do photo albums, so I’ve taken it upon myself to do the albums for them!

Some of you know how busy I am, and I have a hard time finding time to work on the albums. I get behind a lot. I have thousands of photos I hope to put in albums someday!

I have worked out a system to help me “make time” to work on the albums. I used to work chronologically, but sometimes I couldn’t get into the mood to do certain pictures. I have found I enjoy working by subject now, so I pick out some favorite pictures and do a page, front and back of a subject or date. This way the pages can later be inserted in order later when I’m finished. I keep a good supply of refill pages and I work on individual pages instead of inside an album! Then I insert them into a cover-set album (which comes with no pages, you insert your own pages and choice of color.)

Another tip – if you keep a card table (or better yet a craft room!) set up so you can do “a page a day” you will do 365 photo album pages a year!! It doesn’t take long to do one page! You could even work on one page all day long if necessary! If this isn’t possible, do a page a week! In a year you will have 52 pages done!!

My CM friends try to come weekly to my CM workshops because they say they just will not do it at home, but they will do it here! Maybe you could find a friend to work with weekly, a girl's night out! The photo below is the cutting area.

Now for an announcement:

Ta - dah!!! Here it is!!! We ordered it last night from! Finally!! It took some doing, but I finally talked my husband in getting the same one my daughter, Alyson has! That way she can help us, I won't mind asking her questions, etc. about it. I would hate to bug my friends with a lot of questions. It is a Canon PowerShot S3 IS with 12x zoom. I can't wait until it arrives! I hope I can learn to use it! I'm so excited! I'm doing a happy dance!! Katherine


Well, I had my day off today! I didn’t mean for it to be a day off from the computer, but it turned out that way! My husband decided to use my computer, so I kept working on my scrapbooking! I got a lot done today on the babies albums! We did stop to go out to lunch, hubby wanted Chinese food, so off we went! I had several cups of their oolong tea, love it! I don’t like a lot of Chinese food (a lot of it disagrees with my stomach too!) I always order either sesame chicken, or orange chicken (without the hot spice!) Joe likes all Chinese food, today he ordered beef pepper steak, he usually gets pork and vegetables.

I’m not sleepy tonight, I hope the oolong tea didn’t have caffeine in it, it’s not supposed to! Since I’ve been working on photo albums so long I’ll talk about them. I’m happy to here some of you said you also enjoy scrapbooking! I looked for some pictures of scrapbooking I’m done, but only found some that I did back about eight years ago! I featured these on my blog a year or so ago. These pictures are of my husband’s parents wedding, back in 1934! Aren’t they pretty pictures! I’m sad to say I never met his parents.

These two scrapbook pages were published in a scrapbook magazine! They are in Memory Makers Wedding Idea Book, it was published in 2000, and it may still be available. I was thrilled for it to be published, and my husband was very proud that his parents wedding photo was published! I don’t have a camera, or I would show you the cover of the book. If you have this book, you will see my name listed in Indiana, where we lived temporarily.

I have been scrapbooking since 1996. I started when I saw an ABC book a friend at work did. I immediately wanted to do one for my grandson who was three at the time! I did one and my daughter fell in love with scrapbooking (Creative Memories) and signed up as a consultant! I then signed up under her, as her first downline! That was 12 ½ years ago, and we are still loving it! In fact, I have just finished doing two more ABC albums for our two grandbabies! Maybe I’ll show those when I get my camera.

Tomorrow I will do Part 2 on scrapbooking (this is getting a bit long, and I have more to say!)
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