Coffee Station

Today I'm joining Susan's Metomorphosis Monday, click on her name for lots more inspiration.

This is my daughter's Coffee Station. Can you see what it used to be? An old TV entertainment center. It is now a re-purposed coffee station. It was too pretty to throw away, so after a few years of storage, she had this idea to turn it into a coffee station. She and her friends love coffee and this was a great way to share in a practical and fun way. 

Here's an old picture of the old TV in the stand (far right)

Now, how's this for a metamorphosis?

Isn't that great!

                               I love these mugs!

I painted her a little plaque to go on the coffee station:

                     Also teas are available!

 The coffee station is right outside the kitchen.

 More of Alyson's mug collection is behind the glass doors below:

And, here's my daughter, Alyson

Alyson has a new blog if you would like to check it out - 
click here: WriteThemOnMyHeart  - 
and you can sign up for free printable bible verses each week.

I love receiving mine weekly!



One of my Favorite Bible Verses

If you subscribed to my daughter's WriteThemOnMyHeart website you probably received this lovely handwritten bible verse and bible study today. Click here on this WriteThemOnMyHeart to go to her site to enjoy the bible study she wrote to accompany the verse.

Romans 8:28 has been one of my favorite bible verses - my go-to verse in times of troubles. Alyson's bible study today teaches about taking that verse out of context and why we should include all of Romans 8:17-28 with that verse.

Alyson very cleverly wrote Romans 8:28 on top of the whole Romans 8:17-28 passage, I'm sure it took a long time to pen it all, but she is very patient - and talented!

I will frame this verse and hang it in a prominent place in our house!

If you aren't subscribed to WriteThemOnMyHeart, you can order it by clicking on the highlighted link then on "Shop."

I hope you like it as much as I do!

Thanks, Alyson!