More Beignets!

We like beignets so much we ate them more than once. We found the Cafe Beignet shop on Royal Street. It is so cute with the little "ice cream table and chairs!"
Cafe Beignet with the striped awning and a blackboard sign out front.

Cafe Beignet courtyard adjoining the cafe. It is next door to the police department!

We shared a muffaletta sandwich, this is another signature sandwich in N.O., it is similar to a po-boy or sub, but has a distinctive taste because it has an olive relish on it. It is served hot or cold. Joe wanted it hot. I think it had pastrami and two or three other meats on it. I was concentrating more on the beignets! On the day we left we went back to Cafe Beignet and bought 12 beignets to take home! They were kind enough to pack them for us special with the powdered sugar in a separate container. Actually we didn't take them home, we went to my daughter's house in Tallahassee, FL and ate them there! The beignets are deep fried, we heated each about 22 seconds in the microwaver then sprinkled them with the powdered sugar. They weren't bad! My grandsons and their parents did enjoy them!

The display above is at Cafe Beignet. The green boxes are beignet mixes. The purple and yellow boxes are king cake mixes. King Cakes are popular at Mardi Gras, it has a little toy (baby) baked inside!


My Favorite!!

Southern Candymakers, a little hole in the wall, but the candy they make fresh daily is the very best!

There she is, caught in the act on her daily trek! The building is even her favorite color!!

Maybe they aren't beautiful, but they are filled with delicious fresh pecans! My mouth waters just looking at them!!
This was a favorite pastime in N.O. I was the self-appointed judge who set out to find the very best praline in the French Quarter! I've always called them pray-leens, but in N.O. they are called praw-leens! I didn't care what they were called, as long as I could eat them at least once a day! I sampled all the different stores claiming to have the best, but came to the conclusion Southern Candymakers was the very best!! So good I went there daily and bought two, sometimes three pralines!! Joe doesn't like them so I didn't have to share with him!

These little bad boys were $9.00 for a HALF-pound! I had to bring back at least a weeks supply! I also brought some to a few of my favorite people! Needless to say, I was broke when we returned! But I was happy! ---- Fat and happy!!
Yes, they have mail order catalog and website:


Cornstalk Fence

In keeping with my New Orleans theme, I'm showing this cornstalk fence and gate for Show and Tell. We saw this on our self-guided walking tour. The unique cast iron fence featuring cornstalks entwined with morning glories was shipped from Philadelphia in 1850. It surrounds the beautiful house with a turret, which is now a hotel. This is on Royal Street in the French Quarter.

To tell the truth, I had planned to take photos of something else for Show and Tell, but since I'm late with it I decided to show something I already had pictures of! I'm almost finished with the N.O. pictures!

Go to to see Kelli's and about 50 other great Show and Tell subjects! Thanks, Kelli for sponsoring this weekly!


Quarter House Courtyard

Some of you want to see where we stayed in N.O. This is the courtyard of the timeshare we stayed at. We were very pleased with the Quarter House, French Quarter, New Orleans. The Quarter House courtyard. Breakfast was served here on weekends.
One of the fountains, near the pool.

The small pool, Quarter House courtyard.

The Quarter House Lobby

The Lobby area of the Quarter House was beautiful with the crystal chandelier and sconces.

The Living Room

The Living Room had a Love Seat and a Sofa (Hide-a-bed) The desk area is in the background. The kitchen is to the right of the love seat. The TV is inside the white cabinet.

The large room had two nooks, one was the desk area, the other the dining area. The curved ceilings were sky blue with clouds painted on them. The transom windows were stained glass.

Another view of living room, the brick wall was the original. I was standing in the kitchen when this photo was taken.

The Dining Room

I really liked this decor!

The Bedroom

Above: The TV armoire was "high boy" style

The bed was 3-feet high! There was a step stool so we could climb up onto it!


Preservation Hall, French Quarter

Above: Original sign
Below: I was shocked at the appearance o this place!! It was not air conditioned, but we sat in front of a fan and it wasn't so bad!
We didn't know about the gospel music on the Sunday we were there. We would have gone had we known!

Preservation Hall was right next to Pat O'Brien's. It was one of our favorite places. We went back twice! Preservation Hall features older black musicians. The famous musicians were on summer tour (London, no less!) and younger men were playing instead. We saw a different band both nights. They were great! They took requests and one man sang "It's a Wonderful World" at my request! He sounded a lot like Louis Armstrong too!

Pat O'Brien's N.O.

One of the famous bars in the French Quarter. We didn't go inside. The "Hurricane" drink was created here. We're not much for drinking and didn't want to try it! When we were on the bus tour the driver told us the Pope went to Pat O'Brien's when he was in New Orleans back in the 80s! Don't know if that is true or not!


Croc Family

A familar site at my daughter's house. Daddy's brown crocs, Mommy's pink crocs, and baby Caden's blue crocs!


Courthouse in N.O.

The courthouse in the French Quarter is just beautiful! This side is the back and is on Chartres Street. I thought this is one of the most beautiful courthouses I've seen! It is very large, covers a whole block! This million dollar N.O. court building was the last big building erected in the French Quarter in 1910. To the horror of preservationists, many Spanish era buildings were razed to make room for this modern intruder!. First a courthouse, then the Louisiana Wildlife Museum, it now serves again as a courthouse.
This side of the courthouse is on Royale Street. This is the front side.


Show and Tell - My Tribute

Dody's photo album has his story along with many fun photographs.
All the sweet cards and email messages will be in his album.

(Below:) The photo album is covered in denim.
I'm always late with Kelli's Show and Tell because I work Friday's and don't have time until late! I've been finishing a photo album for our little dog, Dody, who died July 2. I want to share this album with you for my Show and Tell today.
Documenting his life in a photo album is good therapy and a wonderful way to preserve his memory. This is theraputic to do for human loved ones who have passed on, as well as for our pets!
Yesterday I heard one of Oprah's dogs Gracie (1-year-old lab puppy) died from a small ball lodged in her throat. Oprah said she is still grieving, after several weeks. I understand.



We had the famous Brennan Brunch on Thursday at noon. Brennan's is only open Thursday through Sunday. The photos below are of Brennan's Courtyard. Brunch wasn't served outside in the courtyard, probably due to the intense heat.
Joe is standing beside the turtle pond. I didn't look on the menu to see if they served turtle soup!
The above photo has the Brennan's rooster statue. A rooster is the trademark for the Brennan's Brunch.

Below is the view of the courtyard from our table inside.
We didn't have the famous egg brunch, I chose seafood salad mainly because I wanted to order dessert! Brennan's is famous for Banana's Foster. I believe it was "created" first at Brennan's. I didn't try it though, I preferred the Strawberry Crepes.
Below Chef Erik prepares the Strawberry Crepes tableside.

Strawberry Crepes! They were delicious with a cream cheese filling!

Brennan's 417 Rue Royale

Many of these carriage posts were throughout the French Quarter. Quite a few were in front of Brennan's.

(Above:) Joe under the Brennan's awning. Four carriage posts are in front.

Bottom photo: Brennan's dining room. The wine cellar door is shown.


Musical Legends

Thanks to those of you who have commented on my New Orleans photos. I hope I'm not boring anyone with so many pictures! The photo above is of Musical Legends Park on Bourbon Street. The statues are of Fats Domino, Al Hirt, and Pete Fountain.


Friends who care and help

It has been two weeks since our sweet little Dody dog died. We are slowly overcoming the grief. Our family and friends have helped with their sweet cards and email. The card above was created by Becca. I'm encouraging her to sell them in her shop. I just love it!

The picture above is our Dody (in back) and his little friend, Tuffy. Tuffy's owners kept Dody at their Critter Sitters when we traveled. Tuffy even gave up his bed to Dody (see above!) We learned that Tuffy, who was 15 years old, passed away six days after Dody did. We are hoping they are romping together in Doggie Heaven!