Metamorphosis Monday

I'm joining in on Susan's Metamorphosis Monday today to show my old childhood doll I just had restored. This doll is over 50 years old.

For more MM fun, go here to Susan's Between Naps on the Porch.

When I mailed my old doll to Naomi to be restored, it was in six pieces as the rubber bands had deteriorated. This is the way it looked before.

The doll had to be cleaned

The hair had to be washed:

and the hair had to be set:

The dress had also deteriorated and could not be saved so the doll restorer took the dress apart to make a pattern so she could copy the dress exactly.

I remember the dress as being a pink-lavender color, it had lots of ruffles on it. She found a very similar fabric in this color and texture.

Here are the yards and yards of ruffles that had to be hemmed on both sides, then stitched on around the bottom hem.

Then the other ruffles around the hip area.
She did an exquisite job working on every detail!

Can you believe how gorgeous she turned out!

She looks like a brand new doll!

I can't remember what I named her, she is an
Effanbee Honey doll. I'm trying to think of a lovely name for her,
any suggestions?

She doesn't look like she is over 50 years old, does she?

Naomi, is the doll restorer, and she has an Etsy shop, here, she does wonderful work, a real perfectionist! Thank you, Naomi for all your hard work! You have made me very happy!
I think you are a miracle worker! From this:
To this:

I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving, we certainly did! Two of our children and their families were here and we had so much fun with them. I'm always sad when they leave, I wish we all lived closer together. I'm now thankful I have my blog and blogger friends to keep me company! I'm too tired today to start Christmas decorating, but hope to start tomorrow.

Have a happy day!
God Bless.



Give Thanks!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Thanksgiving! My family is here, so I'm VERY THANKFUL!! I enjoy them so much!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!! My little grandson, Caden, says "Thank-you-Giving Day!" LOL!

God Bless.



Blogger Friends Meeting Again!

Katherine (left) and Rose

Today we had lunch with our friends, Rose and Tom, at Olive Garden restaurant in Daytona Beach! They are vacationing there and very close to where we live, so we drove down to see them.

I've been a follower of Rose's A Hint of Home blog for some time now, check out her pretty blog, she has a beautiful home and also shares a lot of their interesting travels.

We first met Rose and Tom last Christmas when they stopped in to visit us on their way back home from visiting her mother in FL. We got along really well and then a few weeks later we drove up to SC to visit Rose and Tom (and our families who live nearby.)

We are now more than just blogger friends we are very good friends!

Our guys hit it off really well!
My Joe (left) and Rose's Tom

We are hoping to visit with Rose and Tom again soon, as we really enjoy their company!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
God Bless.



I won!

Look what I won from Lallee's Cottage! Lallee does lots of beautiful crocheting and made this little afghan in Mary Englebreit colors. She also included the ME notecards, ME journal, and ME soap. Go here to Lallee's Cottage, she has a very interesting and enjoyable blog!

Thanks, Lallee! I love it!

My daughter, Alyson, loves Mary Englebreit things and has a small collection of ME things.
She is coming Wednesday, I wonder if these neat ME things may disappear with her when she leaves! ;-)

I'm sure my little 3-year-old grandson will also enjoy sleeping with it while he is here! I'm getting so excited about having our family here with us for Thanksgiving!

I'm just about finished with Christmas gifts - I'm still wrapping them though!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
God Bless.


This photo was taken with the flash on.


Tablescape Thursday

Tablescape Thursday! Today's tablescapes are titled Thanksgiving Roses! Yes, I said tablescapes, I have three tablescapes today!

I have three centerpieces I wanted to feature in tablescapes. I starting with this large wicker turkey, filled with shades of fall roses.

I used mellow yellow napkins and rust colored roses, and a cream colored tablecloth.

The butterscotch yellow plates are the ones I bought at TJ Maxx last summer. I've been able to use them in many tablescapes!

The centerpiece below was the inspiration for this tablescape.

The cute little pilgrims are peeking out of the roses.I made these turkey floral arrangements over 15 years ago,
and glued lace on the breast of the turkeys.

I really like this "Give Thanks" sign, but couldn't
decide if I liked it in this tablescape, or not.

What do you think? With, or without?

Moving on to the next tablescape, the inspiration for this one was this ceramic cornucopia. I bought it the same time that I bought the white cornucopia featured in last week's tablescape (see here.)
I used a white lace tablescape, white Dollar Tree plates, and black ceramic chargers from Hobby Lobby.

Wine colored napkins are wrapped with flocked fall leaves as napkin rings.

I'm please with the overall appearance!

Here it is with the Give Thanks sign
The black sign matches the black chargers.

I've had these cute little pilgrims for about 20 years, I think they are so cute.

Moving on to the third Thanksgiving Rose Tablescape

This smaller wicker turkey filled with deep pink shades of roses was the inspiration for this tablescape.
This smaller turkey also has a lace bib with ribbons, but
different from the larger one.

This tablescape is on the table in the breakfast nook.
Rattan placemats and no tablecloth.

I only have two of these rose colored salad plates and placed them on the white Dollar Tree plates. The napkins are the Old Country Roses-look napkins. I was surprised when these worked with the tablescape!

Which Thanksgiving Roses tablescape is your favorite?
This one?
This one?
This one?

Thanks to Susan for hosting Tablescape Thursdays, go here for lots more inspiration!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Day!

God Bless.