Redecorating Birthday Gift

I  have started a new decorating project.
My good friend is having her special (80th) birthday this coming April!

I told her for her birthday gift, I will redecorate her house!
She has been feeling a bit overwhelmed with having
so many "things" in her house. I think we all start feeling like this since
we have collected so many treasures over the years.

I will try to do one room each week, so hopefully by her
birthday on April 8th, it will be finished! 

DAY 1-
We worked on the tops of her kitchen cabinets.
This is "BEFORE"
 The top decor is pretty, but a little much
according to today's minimalistic decorators!

We took away the "small" items.
She requested we use this unique clock,
so I paired it with the tea pot and large plate
that has the same colors.

This is the next bank of cabinets to the right of the ones just shown,
you can see the tea pot and plate were here first.

I only used two of the items in the center.
The small item is from India.

 Here's the AFTER long shot:
 Below the cabinets on the right is a pass-through to the dining room
above the bottom cabinets and counter top.

 This is another bank of cabinets across the room.

We took away the small items, kept only half of the 
greenery in the blue antique basin (that was her grandmother's)
and added a pagoda with two Chinese figurines on the right

She has a little International theme throughout
her kitchen, dining room, and family rooms.
I will share the others weekly.

So, what do you think? Do you like the pared out look better? 
It really does look better "in person!"
Jan was very pleased with the results.

I'm joining Susan's Met. Monday, click on her name for lots of inspiration.

Also see Vignettes re-do here: 

Please return weekly to see what we do to the other rooms!
Thanks for joining us!


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Barbara Spaulding said...

Love the idea of less is more..... your ideas are beautiful. I have cabinets that need some attention, so now I know what my next project will be. Hugs.