Our January Anniversary!

We had a business appointment in Daytona Beach today,
so since it's our 21st anniversary we decided to celebrate
at Chart House Restaurant!
 It's a beautiful restaurant on the water beside a marina

It's a round restaurant with a pointed roof:

Below is how the roof looks from the inside:
I love the nautical decor in the Chart House
 Those columns are wrapped in rope!

You can see the famous salad bar:

Stairs down to the second level:
We were seated on the top level
overlooking the water!

We also saw a beautiful sunset!

A Happy Anniversary! 

The food was delicious!
Great atmosphere!
Great guy!


Woody rides again!

I hadn't planned on doing a tablescape because I ran out of time before Christmas, but I received several gifts that just screamed "do a tablescape!"

 Look at this pretty table runner
my friend Kathie gave me!
The car with the tree and presents on top  
go with my other trucks and cars with trees.

 My niece, Cynthia, gave me this cute little truck
 I found the little Woody in back at Target this year, it's a tree ornament.

My friend, Barbara, from my hometown Huntsville, AL
mailed me this beautiful glass Woody ornament:

I bought the water ball snow jar at Target two years ago.

  And, of course, my little red truck!

All perfect for a centerpiece using the table runner!

Last year I found the salt and pepper shakers at Walmart

The Woody plates below were also perfect for the tablescape!

This year's tablescape:

 I did this tablescape twice.
First I used red woven placemats:
It looks good, but just a little crowded:
What do you think?

Placemats, or No?



I chose the "use LESS" look since that has been my mission lately.

I always like to do a goblet shot featuring something special behind:


 Another goblet shot with the centerpiece!

Little red truck is happy to be back!

 For those of you who prefer the placemats:

 And those of us who don't!

A few other items in my 
truck collection!

Happy New Year!



Happy New Year!

Highlights of our Christmas:

Christmas with my family didn't start until December 27th through the 31st. Below are some of the highlights of our fun times together!

Grandson, Caden (11) loves to help cook, here he is helping his Aunt Alyson make our "famous" 
Spaghetti Pie!

He is layering the cheese and pepperoni with the cooked spaghetti

I also helped Caden make our "famous" 
Chocolate peanut butter fudge!
Here he is serving it to his mom and his Uncle Dave:

Opening presents:

My middle grandson, Tanner, and his wife Heather
were also with us and since they are expecting their
first baby in June, we gave them a box of baby items
(all white since we don't know which it is yet!)
No it wasn't a toaster oven, just the box! 
 That's "Big Joe" my husband on the left!

Playing with presents:
One of Caden's gifts was a Nerf shooter and target

 I forgot the name of this one:


 Working a Christmas Puzzle:
Ashleigh and Dave love puzzles!
So does Tanner!

 Alyson (left) is reading my Magnolia magazine!

"Impossible" Christmas Puzzle has identical Christmas trees:

The "Impossible" puzzle was finished in under 30 minutes!

 Bowden, Tanner and Heather's dog was very good!

 And one of our "Star" meals is
Biscuits and Gravy for breakfast!
We always have our "famous" cornmeal gravy with
biscuits, scrambled eggs, and (far left)
is some special NC sausage Shawn brought!

Speaking of Shawn (Caden's dad) He isn't in any of the pictures, 
so here's one of him being served fudge!

 Somehow I missed getting Heather, Tanner's wife in the pictures,
here's one at their wedding three years ago!

We loved having my family here with us,
but the visit was too short!

I hope you enjoyed your holidays as much as we did!

 I still haven't taken our decorations down, will do that soon, but still enjoying them.

Happy New Year!