Scarecrow Collection

I painted this scarecrow to go with my scarecrow collection. It is 16x20
I displayed it on this easel until I put all my scarecrow collection in the breakfast nook, so I tucked this one in among the others:

Other scarecrows are tucked here and there 

Even hanging from the chandelier!

It is made of chenille, so cute! When I started collecting scarecrows I would only buy those that are a little out of the ordinary, like this one!

He has fallen down and can't get up!!

How different are these? Made from flower pots and a light bulb!

Even a scarecrow clock!

Scarecrow in a wheelbarrow!

And on a screen door!

Displayed on top of the clock:

This is "Chip" (get it? Chip off the block!! Hee-hee!)

Scarecrow candy dish

Skinny Scarecrow:

Chubby Scarecrows:

Chubbier scarecrow:

This scarecrow drives a pumpkin on wheels!

Another rides an ear of corn!

This scarecrow is on a tassel:

Girl scarecrows:

Baby Scarecrow:

Teenage girls hanging out!

Bean Bag Scarecrow:

Rag doll scarecrows:

Scarecrows on a stick:

So which one is your favorite?

I display them differently each year, one year I tucked some into the CD stand:

One year they were all on top of the TV armoire in the family room:

Some on top of the antique clock:

Hanging from a lamp:

And this year in the breakfast nook:

After I painted the scarecrow, he joined the others:

 What should I name him?

Did you choose a favorite? This one may be my favorite:

But, I am growing very fond of my newest one:

 He needs a name!

I hope seeing the cute little scarecrows has cheered you up,
the last few days has been sad with the attack on Paris.
Pray for Paris, and pray for America's protection! 


Fall Decor

Some of my friends wanted me to post my fall decorations so they can see them. The plaque above is on the hall tree in the foyer of our house.

Vignette on hall tree in foyer:

Bottom of hall tree in foyer:

This arrangement is made with faux cotton branches, burlap rose, and burlap hydrangea, displayed on a plant stand in the family room.

Faux twigs displayed in the family room

Burlap pumpkins and faux leaves on the end table in the family room;

Vignette on the coffee table in the family room:

Faux fruit from Hobby Lobby a few years ago:

Top of Doll Display case:

Teddy bear wearing Jack-o-lantern sweater:

Centerpiece on dining room table:

Velvet pumpkins and faux velvet fall leaves:

Vignette on end table in living room:

Vignette on Bombay chest in living room:

Other end of Bombay chest:

Coffee table (Butler's Tray) in living room:

Top of antique sewing machine:

Dining room:

Top of small curio cabinet has display of cute Halloween Trick or Treaters:

Right end of curio cabinet has two large wicker pumpkins and small ones:

 Left side of curio cabinet has this large painted pumpkin on an easel:

I recently painted this large pumpkin for my fall decor, it is 16"x20":

Happy Fall, Ya'll!!!