Decorating with Scripture

Psalm 46:10

Have you done any new decorating during the Pandemic? I haven't. Since we are high risk we have had to shelter in for three months now and that means no fun shopping! It's hard to decorate when you can't go out to find new, fun stuff! Huh?

I know, "shop the house!" Go through the bins in the garage. I feel I have run the gamut with that. My life has taken on a whole new attitude with all that has happened with the Pandemic. We look at life differently. My decorating took a little different turn.

We are living in a dangerous world and it is easy to become fearful, even though we are Christians who believe we are protected by our Lord Jesus Christ. The ways I combat fear is to read my bible, write meaningful scripture in journals and to display scripture in all rooms of our house as reminders of His promises to us that He will keep at all times 


I remembered back in the 70s the church I attended had a decorating ministry of decorating people's homes for free. I was a member of that team ministry. The leader always taught that we should display bible verses in our homes, for a number of reasons. 

Here's a bible verse proclaiming that we do this: 

Deuteronomy 11:18-20 New International Version (NIV)
18 Fix these words of mine in your hearts and minds; tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads. 19 Teach them to your children, talking about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up. 20 Write them on the doorframes of your houses and on your gates.

I have often done this since the 70s and especially the past few years since My daughter, Alyson is painting bible verses. They can be framed, or placed on an easel, and other creative ways. I have mine displayed in almost every room in the house.  I'm featuring verses about fear during this pandemic.

Image may contain: plant
 Psalm 56:3

 One year in the 70s we "went on the road" from Florida to Georgia where our decorator leader's daughter lived and decorated two or three homes there, spending the weekend. Redecorating homes is so enjoyable just seeing the transformation of the homes, and the joy it brings into the people's lives. The homes were mostly young people starting out with not much money to decorate their homes. We decorated them using what was already in the homes, just used them in a different way. It was amazing to see! We used a lot of bible verses to decorate with.

Here are some of the bible verses I am using in our home now. So comforting to be in each room and glance around to see one of the Lord's promises calling out to me!

They can also be displayed and changed out often
on a pretty clip board. 

 This frame looks like a tray:

I change the verses displayed at different times

I use the verses during holidays

Alyson recently wrote about decorating with verses on her blog Click here: She asks questions of Why should we decorate with scripture? She shows 20 ideas and ways to display scripture.  She shows many scriptures to coordinate with every room in our house! She even has a verse page to color with your own room colors, and a promise of more of these coming! Fun! Check it out!

 Psalm 31:24

1Peter 5:7

In the master bedroom:

Even the bathroom has a verse

 Maybe you would enjoy something new with your decorating, frame a bible verse, place them on an easel, you will enjoy seeing the Lord's words daily. He will never leave us!

Twenty ways to display bible verses - click here:



New Magazines

I don't think I will be posting every day as I have this week, but since I'm still celebrating my birthday I want to share another gift with you. My husband likes me to select my own gifts from him so he'll give me exactly what I want!  I just heard about these new Christian magazines. I ordered the latest issue along with the two back issues. They came quickly and I have enjoyed reading the first one 

and started on this second one:
This is the third issue:
 I'm reading them in order. This was a
little hard to do as I saw other articles 
I was wanting to read first! :-)

 The photography is gorgeous in all these
magazines and there is no advertising
whatsoever, a nice plus!  
These young Christian ladies share
their stories, bible verses, recipes,
decorating, crafts, gardening, and advice. 

Jesus is the center of all stories, He gets all the glory!
I love seeing bible verses throughout the magazines. 
I highly recommend these magazines for hours of
reading pleasure, so I'm spreading the news! 
They will make wonderful gifts for young mothers,
and all ages. A gift that keeps on giving!

Check them out:

When I find something I enjoy I always want to share it
with my family and friends!


My Milestone Birthday!

 Borrowed from internet 

Last week on May 19th I turned 80. I'm not complaining, considering the alternative. Aging is a gift. A privilege. My mother and sister did not make it to 80. My mother died at 75 and my sister died at 74. My brother died of a heart attack at 51. Aside from those deaths, we do have longevity in our family. My maternal grandmother lived to be 91, her second daughter (my mother's sister) lived to 91 as well. One of my mother's brothers lived to be in his 90s, the other in his 80s. My maternal grandfather died at 83.

Borrowed from internet

I praise and thank the Lord daily for allowing me to live to this age. I don't joke about being old. Actually, I don't feel old. I still feel the same inside as I did when I was much younger. True, I have aches and pains, fatigue and I can't hear as well, but I think the same. Some of my thoughts and opinions have changed since I became a Christian (in my 30s) and read my bible and have allowed the Lord to gently change me. My spiritual eyes and ears have been opened. I allowed the Holy Spirit into my life and asked Him to change my heart and make me a better person. I praise Him for all the blessings in my life.                                         Jesus, I trust in You.

 My children had planned to come here for a celebration of my 80th birthday, but we decided to postpone it a month because of Joe's underlying health issues. I was disappointed, but knew this was best. This is why my Face Book celebration of my birthday was so impressive and helpful to me. I really appreciate all everyone did for me! I've also had many phone calls that uplifted me. Two of my grandsons called, my daughters, and a cousin I haven't talked to in a long time, several friends, lots of excitement. Thanks to all, this was very important to me, I appreciate it all so much!

A special young friend surprised me with these beautiful flowers! She knows I love yellow roses, but she said she added other colors to make it more festive. Isn't this just beautiful! It's both elegant and whimsical! 

Even though we have been staying inside our home since March, we decided to chance it and go out to eat. Joe took me to Carrabba's, a favorite place to eat (I love their Chicken Bryan!) We had planned to eat outside, but we arrived at 1 p.m. and the hostess said there's only three couples inside. Since it is a big place we went inside. Here I am with the complimentary birthday cake!


See the card on the right, two of my great-granddaughters made it for me, it has a whole flock of butterflies on it! Thanks, Raleigh and Sidney! 

My soon to be two-year old great-granddaughter, Sarah, made the card below! My grands call me KK!


 The silver lining!



Pandemic Projects

(borrowed from internet)

 It's been a while since I have blogged, but I have missed some of the "old gang" and would like to continue blogging. Since we are going through this pandemic it is a good way to pass the time of sheltering in. Things are beginning to open up, but my husband and I have underlying health issues and will continue staying in as much as possible. We have our groceries delivered, etc.

 Sometimes I spend entire afternoons on the porch. Porch Therapy! I've been doing a lot of writing lately - handwriting. When I have a milestone birthday I always write about the past decade as well as the upcoming decade. 
I have also written my feelings about the pandemic. Have you done this? Let me encourage you to write your feelings about the pandemic to leave for your family when you are gone. We are living in history right now and I think our next generation would find it interesting to hear how we survived. Did you dislike it terribly? Were you angry, or sad, or fearful? Or did you find creative ways to entertain yourself to the point of enjoying what you've done? I have a friend who made over 200 masks and gave them away! Leave a legacy for your family to read years later. Leave it in your bible or a time capsule! Joe has enjoyed working on his stamp collection, he has seven binders and still working on them!
Other ways I keep busy during the pandemic: 
Journaling bible verses

I have embraced bible study/journaling with a passion by writing  daily bible verses in the above book and daily journaling and coloring verses in my Inspire Bible.  Below are two pages I did in my Inspire journaling bible:

 Inspire Bible

I finished last year's verse journaling and started the 2020 journaling book, this one is on fear. Did you know there are over 365 bible verses about being fearful, these will help you overcome fears:

My daughter creates these books on daily bible verse journaling
click for more information:

Below is the photo album I'm making of my life. These two pictures are the youngest pictures of me I can find, I don't remember seeing any newborn pictures of me. I was the third/last child, so you know how that goes! I was two years old in this picture. The doll was the photographer's prop. The little dress was red corduroy. I'm doing the album by decades. This is the 40s! 

This has been good therapy - documenting my life in pictures and words. I was hoping to have it finished by my birthday, but it is taking longer than I expected. Oh, well, I have plenty of time while sheltering in.

During the pandemic what have you learned about yourself and others? Any surprises? Any changes needed to make? Perhaps we have learned what's the most important things in our lives? Let's don't waste all this free time, let's have something more valuable to show for it!                What is truly essential?




Fall Decor

I'm late posting my fall decor, but better late than never!
I couldn't find time to edit the pictures, so I decided
to post them unedited. Some are too yellow,
some too light, etc., but here they are!

 I decided to add faux cotton to everything. Here's the dining room
centerpiece. Velvet pumpkins and leaves with the cotton.

This pillow is the only thing I purchased this year.

It's on the living room sofa. I have two more to add,
but have to sew them yet!

I think it is so pretty!

I added more to this centerpiece on the living room coffee table.
 I found this unusual fruit at Hobby Lobby a few years ago.

 The end table

I've been seeing pumpkins displayed like this so I had to do one too!


Bombay chest decor:
 Living Room

The wire pumpkin:
 I've had the wire pumpkin for years!

I added the faux Japanese Lantern stems to the vase:

The tiny white flowers barely show up here:

 This stand is beside the computer armoire where I'm typing:



My grandmother's antique clock
plus her baby picture framed:

 The arrangement is on the hall tree in the foyer:

The Family Room:
 I added a white glass pumpkin and faux cotton to the centerpiece:
 Colors aren't true, I took it at night!

Close-up of pillows:

I added faux cotton to this vase:

My present color scheme of orange and red (and white)
works well this fall!

End table:

Colors are too light here!

This is the beaded pillow I bought last year:

This pumpkin decor was popular last year
so I bought the faux succulents to do one this year: 


 The Breakfast Nook:
I added faux cotton to the present centerpiece:

If you look closely you'll see the vase has two birds:

 My little vintage look Trick or Treaters!


View of the hall:
 The Scarecrow I painted a few years ago:

 The niche:

Antique bible, white dove, burlap rose: 

More faux Japanese Lantern stems:

This blue mercury glass pumpkin is in the master bedroom:

I put the purple polka dot black cat and witch
shoe on the tea cart with my yellow depression glass:

I'm linking with Susan's Met Monday, click on her name for
lots more inspiration.

Happy Fall Y'all!!