Pandemic Enjoyment

We are still sheltering in as we are very high risk, especially my husband. We pick up our groceries after ordering them. Sometimes we take a ride down to the beach and eat on one of the picnic tables on the side of the road, but for the most part we stay in. I plan to write about this eventually.

I haven't done a lot of reading because my bible verse practice keeps me so busy. I posted about that back in May if you want to scroll back there and read it. I do have some Devotional books that I enjoy reading daily, and I have several devotionals sent to me by email including Ann Graham Lotz, Joel Osteen, and a few others.

Here are my favorite Devotional books:


 I think most people love this one!



Chuck Swindoll was very popular back in the 80s and I read some of his books, so when I found this little book I wanted it! Some of my favorite quotes are in it.


Corrie Ten Boom was also popular in the 80s and I loved reading her books back then, one is The Hiding Place. When I learned she had a devotional I ordered it from Amazon.

Below are some books I ordered the past few months and I'm enjoying reading them. Three of them are secular but good clean entertainment.



Dare to See is my latest book. I saw Katie Brown on TV talking about it and it sounded interesting so I ordered it. I've just started reading it a short time ago, so far so good!

I like Hoda Kotb and I think she is well-liked by all, she is very good about not expressing her political opinions and I like that! This book is a secular "devotional" - a daily collection of good stories, advice, etc.  Most are happy, some are a little sad.


The little book below I learned about watching Hoda and Jenna's show: It is very unique and interesting. Sometimes a little hard to understand, but enjoyable. Sometimes I have to go back and re-read the page I just read. I will finish it soon, then I will read the whole book all over again as I'm beginning to understand what she is talking about!


This tiny book has excerpts from the book above it.

Another enjoyable entertainment I can recommend is coloring!  I always loved coloring when I was a child and now there is coloring for adults! This is from my daughter's bible verse collection. This is uncolored "before," the one below is "after" I colored it.

"After." I colored it to match the colors in my master bedroom


My daughter plans to design more of these coloring pages with bible verses, different ones for each room of your house! 

You can order these from her website:


You can also join her blog for free and receive free bible verse twice a month, plus lots of other freebies!  


 Something else I would like to share with you:

Joe and I watch the EWTN Mass on TV each morning at 8 a.m. Since we are still sheltering in we don't go out to church yet. We have grown to love watching/hearing them (a different priest every day) and look forward to each day! Last Saturday, August 29th we watched this Mass about why we shouldn't vote for anyone who supports abortion (in any way.) He gives a list of scientific reasons as well as moral. We have a moral obligation to protect the unborn. We will be judged on Judgement Day if we support abortion.
It is now on YouTube for all to watch.

Click here:

I'm asking my Protestant family and friends to watch this and pass it on to others. I think you will be glad you did.









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Creations By Cindy said...

Glad to hear you are staying safe and looks like you are doing lots of reading. I love to read and have many devotional books too. I have to put some of them away so I can read from just a few daily or I will be sitting there all day. LOL! Which, might not be a bad things either. Stay safe. Hugs and blessings, Cindy