Where have all my tablescapes gone??

I have been missing in action from blogging for a while now. I have been distracted from my usual tablescapes by using my dining room table for something else! There's a hint above!

Yes, I have renewed an old passion from years ago! Back in the 70s my number one hobby was painting. I stopped painting in 1982 when my life changed drastically and I had to go to work full time. I hadn't worked in 21 years, staying home raising our two daughters. Going back into the workplace was not easy, computers were new and I had quite a time learning how to use them - one of the many reasons I stopped painting. Long story short - fast forward 32 years: I decided to go to a painting class to see if I could still paint. What do you think?

 It's kinda like riding a bicycle, it comes back quickly!

Here's how it started - for Mother's Day and my May birthday my daughters gave me gift cards, one was from Hobby Lobby. I decided to use it on an oil painting kit:

And brushes:

I still had my old brushes, stored in this cute brush holder I made. See the 70s calico print fabric!

These are so neat the way they fold up:

The flap covers the brushes:
 Then folds together and ties for safe storage:

By the way, I had my 70s kitchen decorated in that red and yellow calico fabric, complete with ruffled tie-back curtains on the window. Really cute!

So my dining room table has been a bit too busy for tablescapes, but they will be back soon. I have one planned to join Cuisine Kathleen's August Let's Dish Challenge. I think the theme is "End of Summer."

I also have more plans of painting since I'm enjoying it again!

My husband loves the painting, he was surprised, maybe I was a little too!



marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh you, I love your painting, you definitely have a special talent. So glad you are enjoying it all over again. Gorgeous

Alycia Nichols said...

Well, there you are! You've been missed...but apparently with good cause! You've been a busy brushstrokin' lady!!! You've still got it, sister! Your painting is beautiful! Go on with your bad self, Lady Picasso! :-)

That is so cool that you still have that paintbrush holder that you made! Doesn't that just make you feel kind of giddy?

I get what you mean about the computer thing. When the desktop computers first came out, my parents gave me an Apple computer. I promptly gave it back, remarking it was just a fad and that I didn't want to be bothered. Fast forward a billion years, and here I am clinging to this dang computer on a daily basis as if it's the breath of life itself!!! Funny how our attitudes change! :-)

Have a terrific weekend! Glad to see you back online! Enjoy your painting!

Debbie said...

Oh yes, you have most definitely still got it! You are very talented! I have never been able to paint a thing. I can barely draw a circle without tracing a plate. I have such admiration for those who can. (I feel the same about those with musical talent.)

I am planning not one but TWO tablescapes this month if I can just manage to get around to them. Can you believe that? I would love to see more of the old "scapers" back in the game. It was so much fun and a great creative outlet.

Welcome back!

(And, um... you have been pinning quite a few things from the same kind of "event" lately. Anything else you want to share? hmmm?

Kathleen said...

Good for you! You sure DO have talent! And unlike tablescapes, you don't have to put it away, you can hang it on the wall! Your painting is beautiful, can't wait to see the next one!