Let's Dish!

I'm joining Kathleen's Let's Dish party! Thanks to Kathleen for hosting. Click on her name for lots more fun and inspiration.

I'm trying to get my creative juices flowing again. I almost gave up with this tablescape. I started with these bright yellow salad plates I found at TJ Maxx a few months ago.
They are made in Portugal and were only $2.99 each, so I succumbed and bought them!
I had planned to do an all yellow and white tablescape. First I used a different tablecloth and a different centerpiece, but it just didn't have the pizzazz I was hoping for. I didn't even take any pictures due to my disappointment. After a few days I decided to change the tablecloth and used this one. I bought it at an estate sale a year or so ago.

It is a beautiful and unusual shaped tablecloth.

Next I decided to add more colors to the yellow and white theme.
A friend gave me these lily plates several years ago:
There's four different colors, yellow lilies above, and blue below:
Peach lilies:
and purple:
I must admit I was surprised how well they all go with the bright yellow!
I did a different centerpiece, had to make a trip to Michael's to look for some lilies (no fresh ones anywhere) They didn't have the color I wanted, I had to settle for white, but I added a few others silks and voila! It's pretty!
I already had that little bright yellow birdie:
and the bright yellow vase:
I know some people call themselves "silk flower snobs" and never use the silk, only fresh flowers, but I love the silks and they last forever!! LOL! I may be bragging, but I don't think fresh flowers could look any prettier than these do!
The next surprise I had was this:
While sitting across the room I saw the design in the tablecloth, and couldn't believe my eyes - the flower design in the tablecloth is a lily design!!
Can you believe it?! How neat is that!!

Now I started getting really excited about this tablescape! Believe me I needed this, as I have been in a decorating slump lately. My sister is still with us, she is even doing better! PTL! I think I've felt I shouldn't be having fun with decorating and blogging when she is so sick, but this has been good therapy for me and my sadness about her.

Thanks to all of you who left such sweet messages on my last post about my sister! They are so appreciated and made me feel better. Thanks, also for your prayers!
I'm thanking our Lord for this gift, I believe He helped me put this all together after I prayed about what to do!
I had forgotten about this tablecloth, it was hanging in the guest room closet (along with the red tablecloth I thought I had lost!)

The bright colors have cheered me up so much!
It is much brighter than it looks in these pictures.
I hope you enjoyed this tablescape as much as we are enjoying it here!

Yellow polka dot place mats were purchased a few years ago, I've forgotten where I found them, probably TJ Maxx. The white dinner plates are from Dollar Tree many years ago! The "crystal" goblets are from Dollar Tree as well. The yellow vase is from Home Goods, last year. I made the yellow polka dot napkins. The white ceramic napkin rings have a floral design on the other side, but I like the all white backs better with this theme!

Have a happy day,

God Bless,


Marlis said...

Katherine, so glad to see you've found an outlet, a brief escape from reality. Your table cloth is fabulous, oh my.. and to see the lilies after you had created the table.. well it was just meant to be. the table is gorgeous. Praying for God's solace to embrace you all. xo marlis

Debbie said...

I'm so glad to see a post from you, and I'm even more relieved to see the update on your sister. I think it's a good and important thing that you did something creative. It's good for your spirit.

And as for the table, it's just plain lovely. I really love yellow anyway, but this is especially pretty with those lily dishes. I would love some of those. The tablecloth is AMAZING!

The Decorative Dreamer said...

I am so glad you did not give up on this tablescape. I love it! It jumped right off the feed at me. I just had to pop in for a visit to see more. I love those solid yellow plates. I would have wanted to buy them too. They are a great compliment to the lily plates. It was the pretty lily plates that caught my attention first. But honestly, I love everything about this tablescape like the polka dotted place mats, napkins, your centerpiece, and especially your very unique tablecloth. I noticed there were lily's on that right off too. It's all so beautiful and you did a great job! Tablescaping is very therapeutic for me too. How could anyone look at this pretty setting and not feel happy? It's that good!!!

ellen b. said...

What a wonderful table. So fresh and springy! Love it...

Aledia said...

I'm your newest follower! :)

My goodness but I do love that beautiful tablecloth!! Your dishes are just gorgeous and I love the polka dot mats. Everything came together perfectly. So bright and cheery...

I hope you have a wonderful night!
God Bless~
Aledia @ Plum Perfect

Mary said...

Your lily tablecloth is WONDERFUL with your lily plates~ set off beautifully with your yellow at the table! I have gotten myself in all kinds of $2.99 trouble at TJMaxx & HG :)

PAT said...

I love those plates, Katherine! Gorgeous table, all the details are wonderful!

Adrienne said...

Beautiful! I'm glad to see you here again and hear news of your sister.

Scribbler said...

You had me at the yellow and white polka dots! Then when I saw that tablecloth, I fell in love.

Glenda said...

What a beautiful table you've set! I buy a lot of things from TJ Maxx also. Almost everything in the tablescape I featured today in this linky party (breakfast with the birds) was bought at bargain prices from TJ Maxx. The silk arrangement is beautiful! And I love that tablecloth!

Barbara said...

What a pretty table! I just love the way you used that cloth. So beautiful! Your lily dishes are so pretty.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous table!!! It's all so beautiful. I really adore the dishes. The lilies, wow. Thanks for sharing.

Marigene said...

Your table is like a ray of sunshine,
Katherine! Beautiful.
It is great news to hear your sister is doing better.

Kathleen said...

I am so glad you stayed with it because it is gorgeous! That cloth is beautiful, and the yellow and white with the pop of purple, is just so pretty!
Tablescaping is good therapy, takes our minds off other things for a bit!
Thanks so much for posting this beauty on Let's Dish!

Creations By Cindy said...

Oh I love your dishes! Where do you store all your treasures? WOW! So pretty. Hugs and blessings, Cindy