Back from vacation, Part 1

We're back from vacation and I have lots of pictures to share with you! This is where we stayed We were on 6th Floor.
We were in the Orlando area. Soon I'll share different places we visited. Today I'm sharing a restaurant we went to. Since we have recently been to the Columbia Restaurant near where we live (see this post) we wanted to go to another one of their restaurant's in a different area. This one is in Celebration, FL

 My husband and me

 My long-time good friend, Lynn, was with us, she spent a couple nights with us.

The Columbia Restaurant gift shop

We were some of the first customers so I started taking pictures as we walked to our table
A long view

On the left side of the restaurant:

A beautiful carved horse:

 Where we are seated, in a corner by windows:

I moved between Joe and Lynn to get that view

What we ate: We always have the delicious famous 1905 salad that they prepare tableside. I always have to have the plantains (shown top of picture) I love them! That wad of paper is from Joe's loaf of bread. Each customer gets their own small loaf of the wonderful Cuban bread (even the children too!) Yay! You don't have to share your bread with anybody! We also ordered Empanados de Picadillo, very good as well!

Lynn had the black bean soup and salad

 On the way out, I took pictures of the other side of the pretty horse:
 I thought all the different chandeliers were quite unusual hanging 
so close together and with many ceiling fans!

More Columbia Restaurant decor:
Click here to see a nice picture of the dining room:

Next time I will show you pictures of Celebration, FL, 
the beautiful little town built by Disney. 

Another day I'll also show some of the cute shops we visited in Celebration.


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