Valentine's Day Centerpiece

I made this centerpiece very inexpensively with a red heart box that had been a box china cups were shipped in. I bought it at a china shop for one dollar! The red hydrangeas have sparkles on them, they were left over from Christmas. I've had the candlesticks a long time, and the hankie with tiny hearts, and the vintage brooch with red stones. For some reason it was a little hard to find red tapers, I finally found them at Dollar Tree. The vintage-look Valentines were purchased recently at St. Augustine, FL, along with the small red glass hearts. The pearl garland doesn't show up well in the photo, but it adds a lot to the centerpiece. I've had the white lace tablecloth a few years, it looks like bridal lace.

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La Tea Dah said...

Very pretty! I love the beads. . .the feminine touches. . .the petals and post card. . .and the vibrant colors. Lovely!