Today's Tea Cup

I chose these tea cups today because the February flower is violets. I have loved violets from childhood. I remember picking wild violets growing under a tree in my mother's yard. I would take them inside and give them to her. She would act surprised and excited and thank me, then she would place them in a tiny vase and place them in a special palce. I seldom ever see any live violets anymore, except for African violets. I sometimes buy an African violet plant and it grows for a time, but eventually dies. I can't seem to keep them alive.

These little tea cups were purchased recently, just because! I may have had in mind to give one as a gift, but fell in love with them and decided I couldn't part with them. Someday I would like to have a violets themed tea party, it will have to be a small party as I only have four tea cups and saucers with violets. I could easily collect violet tea cups since I love the tiny delicate flowers, but I have too many tea cups already! I hope to have a little granddaughter to take tea with me someday and we can use this matching set, one for tiny hands and another for mine!

"Look at us, said the violets blooming at her feet, all last winter we slept in the seeming death but at the right time God awakened us, and here we are to comfort you." ~Edward Payson Rod

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Anonymous said...

Lovely memory about the violets...... I remember picking wild violets and bringing them to my mother, and she too would put them in a little vase and act as if though I had given her the moon!