Romance is an attitude, a set of habits, a way of encountering the world. You are a romantic when you are willing to invest time and energy into making your experiences more vivid and memorable ~ Thomas Kinkade

People are always commenting that I have "a lot of stuff!" They ask, how often do I dust? Where do I store all this? How long does it take to decorate? How do I have time to decorate so often? ETC!!

This is what I love! I am willing to invest the time and energy! I can't imagine living any other way!

Yes! I'm a romantic! I thank my God for the talents He has given me! I'm also thankful that I derive pleasure from simple things, and that I can decorate on a budget, using things already on hand. It doesn't cost a lot, yes it costs my time, but every minute is worth it and my family and I enjoy the romantic look!

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