Today's Tea Cup

Today's tea cup and saucer is one of the first tea cups I won on Ebay. We lived in Indiana temporarily for three years while my husband was doing contract engineering I didn't know many people there and entertained myself on the computer. This is where I first discovered Ebay! I collected tea cups and made the decision to only collect unique yellow rose tea cups and saucers. I thought this one was beautiful with the big yellow roses and gold trim. This is a Royal Albert tea cup.

I just recently bought this gold hat box. Tonight while at Barnes and Noble bookstore I bought a new book "Friendship Teas to Go" by Emilie Barnes. Emilie encourages tea parties to go - pack up two teacups, tea bags, sugar cubes, cookies, etc. along with a thermos of hot tea and go to the beach, or to a neighbor's, or your own front porch. I think this gold hat box would be perfect for a small tea party on the go!

Today's featured tea is Spiced Chai Tea. (I've forgotten the brand.) I had this at a restaurant at lunchtime today. I enjoyed it. The restaurant is across from the ocean. It is wonderful living near the ocean here in Florida. Maybe I will pack up a tea party in the hat box sometime soon for my husband and me to enjoy on a picnic table overlooking the beach!

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La Tea Dah said...

Oh, so very beautiful! Many of my teacups and saucers are from eBay as well. I used to collect only 'roses' teacups (mostly pinks, but I have some yellow too). Then I branched out to lavender/purple themes. I have a collection of violets. . .and one of pansies. . .and another of sweet peas. . .oh, and the list goes on! Isn't it fun?