Dody's Special Day

Today is a special day for Dody. We adopted Dody from the Humane Society a year ago today. Since we don’t know his exact birth date, we decided February 22 would be his birthday. I guess we should have named him “George” for the president’s birthday! He is eight years old! Today he gets to do anything he wants (as if he doesn’t always do that!) He’ll sit in the wicker rocker with his best friend and watch the sun rise. He can take a nap on the chaise lounge on the porch overlooking the lake, or relax in the swing. He will get lots of TLC and his favorite - a belly rub! We hope to drive up to St. Augustine to Brewster’s Ice Cream Shop for his favorite dessert - a cup of vanilla ice cream topped with two doggie biscuits! Happy birthday, Dody dog, you‘re the best!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Dody!!
Enjoy Your Special Day!

~Bluebirds & Roses~

Anonymous said...

This picture is priceless, Dody with his best friend!!! I love the view of the lake and surrounding area here. What an awesome place to seat and read a favorite decorating magazine. Please give Dodie a Happy Birthday hug from me!


Anonymous said...

I hope Dody had a good day and enjoyed his ice cream. That is my favorite treat also.

He is a cutie!