More Violets!

Violets are very popular! Since so many of you have made positive comments about my violets, I want to share my other violet tea cups and saucers. These two tea cups and saucers are gifts from my husband. In 1997 he went on a trip without me and went into a gift shop to buy me a tea cup. He liked the Monthly Tea Cups and was going to buy me the one of my birth month. He liked some of the others too and couldn't make a decision, so he bought me all 12 of them!! I was so shocked when he gave them to me! My first thought was where will I put them! I already had so many in my collection! I now have nine of them displayed on a shelf on top of my kitchen cabinets.

The unusual thing about these monthly tea cups is the February and the April cups both have violets as the Flower of the Month. They are different brands, the February cup is Regency, made in England; the April cup is Mayfair, Staffordshire, England.

Since I have so many tea cups I have thought about giving my friends the tea cup of their birth month, but instead I just serve them tea in that cup! At the Christmas tea, the person with the December birthday was the one who used the December cup and saucer with handpainted holly!

The note card above is a tea pot with violets and says "Thank You." Thanks to all of you for your kind comments!

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