New Door Decor

My daughter, Ashleigh and her family
gave me this new door decoration
for my birthday!
It came from Etsy.

 This is how it looked when it arrived in the mail - unfinished wood!

I did my initial first so it wouldn't be "jak!" 
I painted it Hunter Green

 The green looks black, but it's Hunter Green!

Hunter Green looks nice with our pale yellow front door.

I decided to decorate the top with silk flowers

 Don't you like it better this way?

Welcome to our home!

Thanks, Ashleigh! We love it!


Bible Journaling for Easter

Today I'm sharing some of the bible journaling I did during Easter time. 
I drew them in my Aspire journaling bible, but the ideas came
from people who shared them on Pinterest. 
I don't have their names to give them credit.

 From Luke:

From Matthew:

 From John:

From 2 Peter:

From John:

The Holy Spirit is promised to 
come to those who believe
Jesus is the Son of God
 The Holy Spirit leads and guides us.

 Eternal Life is our Free Gift
when we Believe

The Holy Bible is full of promises for those of us
who believe
to claim and trust the Lord to 
do as He has promised us.

Thank you Lord Jesus
for dying on the cross for us
so we may have eternal life.



Where we stayed on vacation

This is where we stayed on our recent vacation, it is near Disney World.
View from our balcony, we were on sixth floor, view to left
overlooking one of the golf courses:

View to right:

I don't like heights and wouldn't get close to the screened rails, but Lynn did!

Several pools that were surrounded by this "river" that ran around the pool complex

"River Rafting!"

Joe by the water spouts!
Bridges cross over the "river."

Lynn wanted to go to the "Mussels Gym!"

Every night we watched the Disney fireworks from our balcony
on sixth floor!

Fun Memories!
I hope you enjoyed seeing it all!
Click here to see where we visited
Click here to see Celebration shops
Click here to see Columbia Restaurant



Some shops at Celebration Town Center

While visiting Celebration, FL we went to some of the cute shoppes in the Town Center. 
Must share a few with you!  

 This one "Woof Gang Bakery" is the most elaborate doggie store we've ever seen! They even have a crystal chandelier over a doggie treat buffet! Joe and Lynn are dog lovers and had to check it out!
 Doggie treats in all shapes!
 See the blue and pink doggie party hats, Lynn bought a blue one 
for her dog's birthday!
 They even have Disney doggie treats!

What fun the Macaron French Pastries shop is

 It is decorated so cute!

What a fun place!

The owner is from Paris, he also owns another shop like this at Winter Park, FL

Gifts and fancy boxes for the macarons::

 He even has unusual flavors of gelato

 I bought three macarons for us. Top is lemon for me,
coconut for Joe and raspberry for Lynn! They were delicious!
 The brochure shows other flavors:

 We couldn't leave there without going to Kilwin's Candy Shop!

 Lynn loved seeing all that candy!

They make my favorite chocolate fudge! Yep, I bought some!
 They also sell ice cream and we each had a cone! Yum!

This is the third post of our trip to Celebration, FL
Click here to see the Columbia Restaurant where we ate.
Click here to see pictures of downtown Celebration.
Tomorrow I will show you some of the resort where we stayed.