Today's Tea Cup

Today's teacup is my Old Country Roses chintz by Royal Albert. It coordinates well with the other OCR patterns. I keep this tea cup displayed in the living room. I do use this tea cup when I have tea parties, or if I just feel like taking tea in a different teacup! I won't say "if I'm feeling chintzy!!" (Wink!)

Today's tea: This afternoon dear hubby and I enjoyed a small pot of Harney and Sons "Sally's Secret" tea. He likes milk in his tea, but I prefer lemon. Someday I hope to use up all my tea bags and only use loose teas. I have a very large collection of different teas, so this will take a while. I do give tea bags to friends, send them in cards, and use them as favors at tea parties. Harney and Sons teas are some of my favorite teas! I also like Teavana loose teas, and some of the loose teas I have purchased at a few of the tea rooms I have visited. Loose teas just seem to have a better flavor. If they have caffeine I have to decaffeinate it using the 35-second method. This works for me and I don't usually stay wide awake from caffeine or get heart palpitations from any caffeine. I prefer black teas and so many of my favorite black teas aren't decaffeinated. I'm glad to find a way to be able to enjoy black teas.

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