Happy Anniversary, Alyson and Dave!

My daughter, Alyson married Dave February 25, 1984. They have had such a happy marriage! They have personafied a true Christian marriage. I'm very proud of the way they have reared their children by being excellent examples.

When Alyson was very young I heeded the advice of our church minister and started praying for her future husband even though I thought this was a little unusual. I'm so thankful I did and my prayers were answered perfectly! I couldn't have chosen a better husband for her, Dave is one of the nicest men I've ever met, he is so laid back, kind and considerate. Their sons are also following in his footsteps. I'm very thankful everything has turned out so well for all of them!

Happy Anniversary Alyson and Dave!

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Anonymous said...

Please forward my Anniversary wishes to Alyson and Dave!!! You have handsome Grandsons and you sound so proud of them!