Today's Tea Cup

This is my newest tea cup and saucer. It's Old Country Roses "Rose Cameo Peach" by Royal Albert. I bought it because it is pale yellow with the OCR roses. I don't know why it is named "peach," I cannot see any peach on it anywhere! We have an outlet mall near us with a Royal Doulton store and I check there occasionally to see if they have any new OCR items. I'm usually not disappointed, as they always have several new things with the OCR pattern. This cup and saucer has already been "christened" as it was used at my tea party in January. I now have it displayed in my living room.

I'm sure I have more than 30 cups and saucers other than the cups and saucers in the OCR set of china. Someday I will count them. I don't "need" anymore, but can't resist buying "just one more" when I see something different like this one!

Today's featured tea: Wedgwood's "Queen Anne" loose tea. Last night at my Creative Memories workshop I made a pot of this tea, it was enjoyed by all. The loose tea comes in a pretty Wedgwood blue octagonal shaped tin.

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La Tea Dah said...

Very beautiful teacup! I don't have this one. . .I'll have to check out the Outlet Store soon (but it's 200 miles away!). I know what you mean about not 'needing' another teacup and saucer but not being able to resist. This one is exceptionally beautiful!