Happy Valentine's Day! I'm sending a special greeting to all my internet friends who read my Yellow Roses Blog! Thank you for your interest in the "things I enjoy" and post for you to enjoy. I try to post something daily if possible.

My question for you - would you please post a comment to let me know you are there. I would love to hear from you often, but at least once! Thank you!

I hope to have more real life photos for you soon. I'm technically challenged and have difficulty figuring out how to make the photos small enough to post. I'm also trying to learn how to add links to my blog so I can add your links. Thanks to all of you who have tried to help teach me and thanks for being patient!

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day and lots of chocolate!



Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Katherine!!! I enjoy reading your blog usually daily. Keep up the good work!!!


Anonymous said...

Hello Yellow Rose!
I enjoy reading your inspiring thoughts and also seeing your pretty pictures.
From ~Pink Rose~ (guess who? ;)

Anonymous said...

Dear Dear Katerine,

Thanks you so much for what you do for all of us. It truly is a delight. Love Sally ATAA