Emma's 90th Birthday!

Today is Emma's 90th birthday! She is the mother of my neighbor, Jan. Emma came to live here four years ago from Sun City, Arizona. She loved living in Arizona, but felt she needed to be closer to her daughter.

Emma is a fiesty little four-foot redhead! I have enjoying getting to know her and hear her stories. She went to college at age 60! She also lived in the dorm with the younger girls and I'm sure they all loved her! Yes, she earned her degree in psychology! While her husband was still alive, she wanted to go to Europe, but he didn't care to go. Emma went alone! She toured the countryside in England by herself and thoroughly enjoyed it!

When Emma moved here she was renting a house near her daughter. One day she went out and found herself a new duplex townhouse, signed the papers and then came home and told her family that she bought herself a house! Emma still has a very sharp mind and can keep up with anyone in conversation. She does have a hearing aid, but it doesn't slow her down.

My husband and I were always amused to see her driving her little Toyota fast down our street! We called her "The Little Old Lady From Pasadena!"

Last year I wanted to give her a tea party for her birthday and had sent out the invitations and made the plans, but she fell and injured herself and couldn't have her party. After she recouperated, I was determined to have her tea party because she was so disappointed that she missed it. One day I talked to her and she was having a very good day, so I called my friend Linda and we put together an impromptu tea party! We drove over and surprised her with the tea party! Below is a page from my Tea Party Photo album with photos and memories of her party, she was so excited and pleased! This year she had a large dinner party with 26 people attending. The picture above is Emma enjoying tea at my 2004 Christmas Tea Party.

My Prayer group has Emma on our prayer list. Last year Emma was diagnosed with bone cancer. A new Hospice building was opened in our town and she was the first one to enter. She has been there a year, and now she has to leave because her health is too good!! Could it be that this spunky little lady has beat the cancer?! I wouldn't be surprised!

Happy 90th Birthday, Emma! May you have many more!

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