Show and Tell

One more Show and Tell before Christmas! Go here to Kelli's for more fun.

Victorian Tree, with Santa as the tree topper.

I have put up seven Christmas trees this year. I shared the Snowman tree already. Today I am sharing the Victorian Tree, the Nativity Tree, and Angel Tree. Tomorrow I will share the Santa Tree and the Teddy Bear Tree, and Whimsey Tree, please return to see those! Next week I will be sharing my Nativity Tree. This past Tuesday I had a Christmas Tea Party if you would like to see photos of it, scroll down!

Some of my favorite Victorian themed ornaments.

A beautiful doll head and other dolls are displayed on the Victorian Tree.
The Victorian boy and girl ice skaters are favorites too!
The Victorian Tree is in the living room.

Below is the Nativity Tree. I have my collection of Nativity ornaments on it. This tree is in our foyer.
Most of the ornaments are of Mary, Baby Jesus, and Joseph.
The cross below is by Jim Shore, I bought it this past year while on vacation.
The star has only Baby Jesus on it.

The Noel ornament has just Baby Jesus on it, with an angel watching Him.

Below is the Angel Tree. It is displayed in the dining room.

The two angels at the bottom of the tree I painted back in the 70s when I was doing Tole and Decorative Painting.
Please come back tomorrow to see my other themed trees!

I hope you are enjoying preparing your celebration for our Lord Jesus' birthday!



Carla said...

love your skinny trees! What pretty ornaments, thanks for sharing today:)

char72 said...

So pretty. Looks like we have the same taste in Christmas decorations. Some of yours look a lot like some of mine.
Christmas hugs,

ceekay said...

7 trees! I thought I was crazy putting up 4! 2 are small ones. And I don't count the wee little ones! I really like the Nativity tree. I wish I had a bigger house. I didn't put up the memory tree this year...and I probably have enough to do a Santa tree. I saw a kitchen one that I loved and now yours...hmm, I could put the couch into, hubby probably wouldn't go for that!

noelle said...

Seven trees huh? And so well done.
I'll come back later to see more of them. You've given me some ideas... Oh and I especially like the NOEL ornament. Noelle.

A Hint of Home said...

Oh Katherine, you are one brave, energetic soul. Seven (7) trees!
They are beautiful. I love the navtivity one (so special). I have to say I love the Santa head tree topper a lot, also.

Linda C said...

Such beautiful ornaments and trees! You are a busy girl:) Thanks for sharing these with us.

Linda C

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Seven trees!! Wow! But how pretty they look. Your house must really be a show-stopper! Thanks for sharing! Love the manager!

Adrienne said...

Good morning, Katherine -
Your trees are wonderful! I've had trouble just getting one tree up. My small home doesn't have room for seven trees, at least I don't think so. I'll have to take a walk through to see where I can add some small trees. Hmmm, maybe I can add one here and another there . . .

Alice said...

I love your victorian tree! I recognize a couple of the decorations on it. The Santa topper is gorgeous! I like all the trees, but this is my favorite! Thanks for sharing.

You are always welcome in The Shadow of the Cross. Feel free to visit my blog anytime.

Smilingsal said...

Seven? I'm doing good to get my one up with help! I love the idea of a nativity tree. Thank you for sharing. Please come visit me.

Breath of Fresh Air said...

I wish I lived near you to come to your tea. The trees are lovely. I let my husband see the tea tree this week and he said "What about a nativity tree?". You have it all. You have some great pieces on it. Have a Blessed Merry Christmas!

Barbara H. said...

Seven trees! Wow! I can see that happening, though. Every year I buy, make, or receive new ornaments and there's not room for them all on one. I want to get one of those skinny tress for my family room and put all of my blue ornaments on it.

Everything is lovely -- I especially like the Victorian ornaments.

Carrie said...

I enjoy seeing all your trees, but especially the nativity tree!

Lady Katherine said...

How lovely your tree is all filled with dolls and angels! I just love it! The santa topper is great!

Clif said...

Thanks for letting me know you bought the book. It makes me feel good to know that others are reading it. Have a great Christmas!

Jewelgirl said...

I love all of your trees! I would
have to pick the Victorian Tree as
my favorite the decorations are
charming and sweet. Merry Christmas!

Susan said...

Seven trees - wow!!! These are beautiful!

Cottage Rose said...

Hello Katherine; Your theme trees are just beautiful. The Victorian tree i really love. But then I love the both of them. lol I can't wait to see more....

Merry Christmas


glorv1 said...

Those trees look so nice. You have everythigng so nicely arranged. Thx for sharing and Merry Christmas