Christmas Tea Party today!

I've been absent for a few days because I've been preparing for a tea party for my Faith Sharing Group (today.) Above is part of the centerpiece I used.
Above, and below, the tablescape.

Below: Place setting. I used this Old Country Roses "Seasons of Color" place settings.

Faith Sharing Group:
My Faith Sharing Group members, L to R: Joan, JoAnn, Marianne, Barbara, and Gail

Above: L to R: Gail, Barbara, and Katherine

Above: Katherine, Joan, and JoAnn.

We had a wonderful time of fellowship. The tea party was a little easier for me because they each brought finger foods! We had scones, lemon curd, strawberry preserves and mock clotted cream. Sandwiches were cucumber, pimento cheese, curried egg salad, tuna salad. Pumpkin bread, Shrimp cocktail, ham rollups, a relish tray, and an assortment of cookies was enjoyed by all.

Christmas Gliches!

How are your Christmas preparations coming along? I've had a lot of gliches, but just keep on keeping on! Last week while retrieving boxes out of the top of our walk-in closet, I was standing on a step stool and gently (I thought) leaned on the opposite side of the top shelf and caused it to fall down!! The closet is U shaped and when one shelf fell, it caused a domino effect and it all fell down!!! Clothes and stored items where everywhere!! I did not need this, neither did my husband, he was working, plus getting ready for a trip! We both were so short on time, but had to stop everything and deal with this. I really needed time to sort through things and get rid of a lot of stuff!! My husband had to take the time to fix everything before he left! I had to let some things go so I could continue decorating, etc.

Second glitch -- I have a bum thumb, arthritis in the joint of my right hand thumb! It hurts like crazy when it is aggravated. I am right handed, and do you know how very much we use our thumbs? They are used for everything!! I have to wear a thumb stabilizer 24-hours a day, it keeps the thumb in one place and keeps you from using it. It's difficult to type, and to write (my Christmas cards have been delayed for this reason!) It also hurts to wrap presents, so most of that is awaiting me, as well! It's a little better now, but I have to keep from using it too much to keep it from starting to hurt again!

I hope you are enjoying preparing your celebration for our Lord Jesus' birthday!



Cathy said...

Everything looks so pretty, Katherine. And all the food sounds wonderful. Praying your finger will be better soon ~

Connie said...

I LOOOOOVE the colors you used, honey. The red with the gold is stunning, chickee. Sorry 'bout th' thumb though; I DO understand!! ;-)
Smooches and Merry Christmas

Alice said...

Your tea table looks so beautiful but the smiles of the ladies outshine everything. Isn't it wonderful to have such fellowship at this hectic time of the year. We all need to take time to reflect and be grateful.

Ack, that thumb thing looks nasty! I hope your condition calms down enough that you may use your thumb again. My husband has a similar problem. Yesterday he couldn't even peel the orange he wanted to eat because of his bad thumb.

Melissa's Cozy Teacup said...

I'll be right over. Don't start the tea party without me! As a thank you for the invite, I'll wrap your presents for you. lol
I pray you thumb heals quickly.

Sandra said...

Sorry that your thumb is bothering you so much.

The pictures of your tea are lovely as are all your friends. Thanks for sharing!


Lady Katherine said...

Love your Tea! Your table is just lovely. I thoughtI spied Old Country Roses at the beginning! I am collecting them this year. Your Tea looks wonderful as does the menu. Wish I was there! lol

Lady Katherine said...

Wishing you the best with your thumb and hand. May you feel better soon.

Cottage Rose said...

Hey Katherine; Your Tea table setting looked very elegant. And the food sounded very yummy. I hope you are feeling a little better with your thumb.

Have a good week

Adrienne said...

Hi Katherine - Your table looks lovely. I wish I had a Faith Sharing Group and some local friends who would like to share a tea party with me. I'm thinking I just need to get myself into gear after the first of the year and start having them here at my home. Maybe someone who would love to do the same will be encouraged to have one, too. I'll let you know when I have my first one in the new year - you're invited. Come on over! You look so lovely with your wonderful friends. I'm praying for your thumb - my hubby has his thumb in one of those stabilizers, too. It makes it hard for him to do his work.

Mary said...


Your tea party table is stunning and it looks like everyone had a wonderful time. Thanks so much for sharing.

I am sorry your thumb is so sore. I know the pain of arthritis - have it in both knees really bad. I take a little Celebrex to control the pain when necessary.

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas.


A Hint of Home said...

I'm so sorry about your closet calamity and your poor thumb.
It looks like you had a fun time with your lady friends. The menu sounds yummy!
Your table was very pretty, also.

A Hint of Home said...

Hi Katherine,
I hope you got my e-mail. Not sure if it went through. You can let me know. Have a good night.

ceekay said...

Well, you better take it a little easier on the body girl!
The tea looks like it was a lot of fun and so pretty.
I am just about done with everything. I am absolultely thrilled with how our home looks. Shopping is pretty much done unless I see something I can't resist for the grandbabies!!
I am keepin on!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the centerpiece and the table is beautiful. What nice pictures of your group. Seems like it's always when you're in a hurry that things like what happened to you in the closet happen. Hope your thumb is better. My Hubby has arthritis that bothers him a lot of the time. One day it is a finger, one day a knee, one day something else. It moves around.
Christmas Hugs,