Blogger Friends

Katherine and Rose

I just love blogs! Blogging has brought so much joy in my life. I have met a lot of new friends through blogging and sometimes I get to meet them in person. Today was one of those special days and I met a sweet blogger friend in person. She lives in SC, but spent Christmas in FL. She and her hubby stopped by today on the way back home. We had a very enjoyable time together! We even went to a tea room, and our husbands joined us! I forgot to take my camera, but Rose had hers and her husband, Tom, took many pictures! She will probably post the tea room pictures on her blog in a few days.

Check out Rose's beautiful home at A Hint of Home, click here.

Have any of you met any blogger friends? Isn't it a fun time!



ceekay said...

Rose called me on their way home earlier today and told me about your wonderful time together. I would love to fly out and see you all! Maybe later this year!

Love Bears All Things said...

How wonderful! No, I've not met any of the bloggers I've met online. Maybe someday.
Mama Bear

char72 said...

How fun. Glad you got together. Will look forward to pictures.

A Hint of Home said...

We made it back to SC safe and sound. We have been reflecting back on our wonderful visit with you at your lovely home.
You and hubby were the best hosts.
We had a fun time at the tea room and driving the coast line.
Hope to see you soon!

Clif said...

It's great to have good friends. I'm so glad your son-in-law liked the book. Charlotte read it and she liked it too. We passed it on to our son, but his sister grabbed it and she read almost all of it in one day.
Have a great New Year. Be safe.

Sharon Kay said...

How wonderful for you to get to meet a blogging friend. It looks like you have a wonderful day. Happy New Year wishes to you and your family for a wonderful 2009