Show and Tell

Time for Show and Tell. Go here to Kelli's for lots more fun presentations.

Today I'm sharing a new Nativity I bought this year at Hobby Lobby. I like it because it is different, a white pearlized finish. I decorated around it with white silk Christmas flowers. I collect Nativities and like to display them in different displays. I don't always make the displays permanent so that I can change them each year. Sometimes I do make them permanent to give as gifts. I hope to soon share this craft on my blog.

I haven't done much decorating yet due to circumstances keeping my husband from getting the boxes out of the attic. He doesn't work on Fridays or weekends, so I'm hoping to get them down and get started at least by Saturday!

I will share more of my Nativity collection soon. I also will put up seven pencil trees with different collections including (each) Angels, Santa, Snowmen, Whimsy, etc. I hope you will come back soon to see my decorations when they are up!

Have you done your decorating yet? My Thanksgiving company made me a little late, but I did send all their wrapped gifts back with them! I also am almost finished with my shopping!! My Christmas cards are sitting here waiting for me to address them, have you done your cards yet? Do you still send cards, I know some people don't send them anymore, but I like to keep in touch at least once a year with distant family and friends.

Thank you for your interest, it is so appreciated. Please leave a comment, and please do return soon!



Lady Katherine said...

Just so lovely!

ceekay said...

Katherine, whenever you want to come visit let us know. You and your hubby are more than welcome anytime. I don't have very many nativities, but I love them. I am anxious to see all of yours. Have a wonderful weekend.

Carrie said...

Wow, Katherine, the nativity is really beautiful and you have made just the perfect setting for it.

Thanks for putting the link to my nativity gallery. I hope lots of bloggers enter this new giveaway. It lasts until next Thursday night.


Mary said...


I love your nativity. It is gorgeous.

I haven't started my decorating yet either, due to Aunt May's illness, funeral and then me coming down with a terrible cold. I am still under the weather. We were to take the boys tomorrow to get our Christmas tree, but that is out now. It will get done. We don't put it up until a few days before Christmas anyway, but like to get it before they're all picked over.

Take care. I see little elves below and am going to check them out.


Anne Fannie said...

Hi Katherine, your Nativity is beautiful. I love it all in white!
Love, Ann

Royaltouch said...

That is beautiful, I can see why you purchased it. Thanks for sharing!

. said...

So beautiful...


Jan and Tom's Place said...

Oh...that Nativity is precious.

We have decided to do very little in the way of Christmas decorating, since I'm still in the process of re-decorating our home...and that we'll be away alot during the Holidays! But, our Christmas cards went out on Tuesday! I decided to try a Christmas Card Swap on our blog and have 30 participants. I sent out their "lists" last weekend and everyone is busy getting their cards in the mail.


A Hint of Home said...

Hi Katerine,
First, I love your nativity. It's striking.
Second, I do still send cards. I'm like you, I want to touch base at least once a year.
Third, my decorating is done. I only went with a small tree, due to my hubby recovering and not able to get the big tree down.
I hope you got some good pics of Caden.

Alice said...

I love the beautiful simplicity of that Nativity. So serene.

I have nothing finished or decorated. Everything seems to be in the middle.

JanMary said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.

I love how the beautiful flowers set off this stunning nativity.

Thanks for sharing.

Love Bears All Things said...

I love this one, so simple and elegant.
I am only sending cards to people I haven't seen this year and won't see during the holidays. No, I haven't gotten them ready to mail, yet. I need to make another list.
Today, I'm off to the mail store. I decided to skip the post office because of the difficulty I have with waiting in line.
I'm anxious to see all your things.
Mama Bear

Darla said...

That is very nice!

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

It's so pretty! I'm almost done with decorating and my Christmas cards are waiting to be addressed and sent too. I love sending Christmas cards :0)

Linda C said...

Very special! And kudos for having all your shopping done!

Anonymous said...

Your nativity is gorgeous, and you decorated it so beautifully. Love it.

Carla said...

Hobby Lobby just out did themselves this year didn't they?? Love this white with white flowers! How classy!

Catherine said...

That is so lovely. Thanks for sharing!

noelle said...

Dear Katherine: I feel lucky to see your lovely blog. I like making new friends so I'll be back. Noelle

Hootin' Anni said...

That is amazing. So simple in color yet so impressive a sculpture that is is truly a focal point!!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I love to have company. You made my day. Have a great weekend.

Susie Homemaker said...

Katherine...this is different than any I have ever seen...So very pretty.

Thanks so much for sharing,

Adrienne said...

Hi Katherine -
Your new nativity is wonderful! No, I haven't done much decorating yet. If you stop by my blog you will see why. But I've started. My sweetheart had so much going on - and then he went elk hunting, followed by our family who was moving here joining us at our house for a few days until their new home was ready for them. They moved today, my sweetheart set up our tree late this afternoon and I'm here alone with Miss Savannah. All the boxes are down so I guess I don't much excuse, do I?

Kelli said...

It's beautiful and so elegant, Katherine! I am doing a little online shopping this afternoon and I'm coming along on my Christmas cards. All the decorating is finished and we will start baking next week!

Liesel's Garden Party said...

I love ornaments like that, lovely :o)

I have started decorating as well and I'm so excited to decorate the tree this year! Hopefully I'll be able to buy one tomorrow or the day after. I have to admit that of yet I don't own a nativity set but I would really like to buy one this year probably in the style of yours :o)

Have a lovely day, Liesel

Mrs. Miles said...

VERY elegant, this is so simple and gorgeous. I am so glad I stopped in to see this, gives me ideas.

Thank you so much.

PEA said...

Such a beautiful nativity, I love the pearlized finish on it! What a wonderful idea to put white silk Christmas flowers around it, it truly compliments the nativity.

I still need to get my tree but otherwise everything else is decorated. I mailed out my Christmas cards last Thursday so I was glad to get that done and over with. Haven't started my baking yet, was planning on starting Friday but ended up doing something else instead. My shopping is pretty much done, only a couple gift cards to buy yet:-) xoxo

kari and kijsa said...

Just beautiful! Happy Saturday!
kari & kijsa

Elena said...

Beautiful, I love it. Mary kneeling down in front of Jesus. Yes, I do send out Christmas cards, it is one of my favorite Christmas memories and traditions.