Welcome to our Home

Our outside decorations are rather simple, and I used the same last year. I put these oversized
ornaments together and hung them on our front door and on the two lanterns on each side of our garage door.

Our front door is right next to the courtyard which is covered with bouganvillia. As you can see

the bouganvillia is still in full bloom although we've had some chilly weather here in Florida.
The is the view walking from our driveway on the sidewalk leading to our front door.
Below is the second decorated lantern on the far side of the garage.

This little sled holds the yellow poinsettia, I'm thinking I will wrap large boxes to display on the sled, if it rains they would get wet though.

A sweet little deer rests beside the sled.

The wrought iron bench was given to us by our neighbors who no longer wanted it!

I won this little flower pot Nativity a few years ago. Sometimes I have to nestle this in then corner beside the door if rain is threatening, they are dressed in fabric.

Come in! I'm in the midst of decorating inside! I have decorated my tea time tree, and our snowman tree. I will share those with you soon. I have several more trees to decorate!

I hope you are enjoying preparing your celebration for our Lord Jesus' birthday!



Lady Katherine said...

Love the cross you got from your grand. and when you tire of the bench, just let me know!! I love to come to Florida

ceekay said...

Katherine...just a thought...wrap your presents in vinyl tablecloth fabric - oil cloth....that way if it rains, it won't hurt it and I save my packages from year to year.
I may have to copy the large ornies on the garage lanterns. That is so pretty and different.

Alice said...

Such a festive and welcoming entry you have, Katherine. I love the way you've put the little deer beside the sleigh.

Betty said...

Your outside decorations are beautiful..your pot nativity is pretty....

I am envious of your they are very expensive...I can't imagine anyone would not want it...I have a similar one but it is new not vintage....

God Bless.....Betty

Adrienne said...

Good morning, Katherine -
It's beginning to look very festive at your house. I love the huge ornament arrangements you've made and decorated your outside with. That sleigh is darling and it would look nice with packages. You may be able to find some plastic or cellophane-type wrap on rolls (or even some sort of bright-colored, white or Christmas-y plastic bags). And bouginvillia to decorate for Christmas? What a treat. We have lots of evergreens and cones but no flowers anymore.

La Tea Dah said...

Beautiful Christmas decor, Katherine. I especially love the wreath cross from Caden. I also love the colors of your outdoor decorations. You have done a good job of melding your garden plants and flowers with the holiday decor.


Melissa's Cozy Teacup said...

Great decorations. Very festive!

Carrie said...

Your guests have a beautiful and festive welcome even before you greet them.

Breath of Fresh Air said...

I can't wait to see your tea time tree.

Anonymous said...

Love the decorations.
Stop by my blog when you have time. I have something there for you. (smile)

Debbie @ said...

Katherine, this is lovely. I love your little terra cotta nativity! It's great1