Santa, Teddy Bear, and Whimsical Trees

Today I'm sharing my last three trees. The Santa trees has mostly unusual Santa's on it. I still haven't located all the Santa's. I'm missing a box of Santas! The Santa tree is displayed in the family room, along with the 7-ft traditional tree, the Snowman tree, and the Whimsey Tree.

The top Santa riding a reindeer is a Jim Shore Santa, I bought him on vacation this past year.
Santa in the middle is riding a big wheel tricycle, the other is riding a unicycle.

Note: I'm inserting more Santa ornaments here. I found the other box of Santa ornaments. Here are three white Santa ornaments I found at different times we were in Colorado. I haven't seen this artist on the Eastern Coast. He carved these woodsy Santas, they have little animals in his bag! They are all signed P. Schiffer.

The Christmas tree has a metal snowflake dangling on the bottom.

Have you heard of this artist before?

I have to laugh at the Santa riding the fat chicken! I bought him at Cracker Barrel last year. The ceramic Santa near the bottom is a mini tea pot.

This Santa at top is made with a drum!

Whimsical Tree

The whimsical tree has silly characters on it. There are a few silly Santa's on this tree. The whimsical tree is on a side table in the family room.

Two shop till you drop girls.
I like the gold glitter high heels shoe (above)

Teddy Bear Tree

This is my teddybear tree. It is in the "bear" room, which is decorated with lots of little bears. The little bear, top left, is holding an Eiffel Tower, a friend brought it to me from Paris. I'll share the whole bear room in January.

I like the little crocheted hat on this bear. The tiny bear in the center has a little tutu on!

I plan to share more of my Santa collection soon.

I hope you are enjoying preparing your celebration for our Lord Jesus' birthday!



ceekay said...

Sweet trees. I am trying to find a black 3 foot tree, but no luck. I found one little spot that I could put another tree...and I do have tons of Santa maybe next year!

noelle said...

The teddy bear tree stole my heart!
Merry Christmas to you and family. Noelle

Love Bears All Things said...

Lot's of work to get all the trees ready. Do you have help?
Mama Bear

Kelli said...

I loved seeing all of your beautiful trees, Katherine! The Santas and snowmen are so fun! Merry Christmas to you and your family.