A Nice Surprise!

A large package was left on our doorstep! We weren't expecting any orders, so this was a surprise. When we opened it we found a live greenery wreath! And it is in the shape of a cross! At first we couldn't find who it was from, but finally found on the invoice that it is from our little two-year old grandson, Caden! He and his parents were just here with us for Thanksgiving. This wreath smells soooo good! It's been many years since we've had real greenery to decorate with at Christmastime.

I haven't decided if I will decorate it more, add a bow, etc. What do you think? I hung it in the niche between the dining room and the family room. Soon I will display a Nativity under it.

This year I bought a yellow poinsettia instead of red. It is at our front entryway on the bench in the courtyard. What color poinsesttias do you like?

I'm Christmas decorating!! The boxes are out of the attic and I've started decorating! Even though it's overwhelming at first, I'm excited and love putting things together. Sometimes I wish I were like some of my neighbors - they have maybe one box of Christmas decorations, and they take out a few ready made items and set them in the same spot they were in last year, and will be in next year!! Sometimes I wonder who is the wiser, but I do enjoy creating something a little different each year, and I feel God has given me a gift of being creative and I'm thankful for this gift!

I hope you are enjoying preparing your celebration for our Lord Jesus' birthday!



Catherine Holman said...

Thanks for the link to my giveaway! You have four chances to win. Good luck!
Merry Christmas,

Lallee said...

I love the smell of fresh pines. My PEO chapter used to sell fresh wreaths and garlands. I've never seen them done in a cross before. I love it!

Alice said...

I like the simplicity of the cross with its three pinecones. What a sweet gift from your little grandson.

I've never strayed from the red poinsettias but your yellow one just might change my mind.

Love Bears All Things said...

The greenery cross is so unigue. What a surprise! I'd just leave it the way it is.
I prefer the deep red poinsettias best, the ones that look like velvet. The pink ones are nice too.
Mama Bear

char72 said...

I prefer white or pink/white varigated poinsettias the best. I'm just not a "red" person. Love the greenery cross. We were at Trader Joe's yesterday and they had real green wreaths and swags. I was tempted to buy one but resisted. They smelled so good. I may get one yet.

ceekay said...

Love your cross. I know what you mean about the decorating. I tried to simplify...but that just isn't "me"! Have fun decorating...I am sure it will be beautiful!

CIELO said...

The House in the Roses is having another party!.... Come to the “World of Treasures” and show us your lovely treasures. Come see what's all about!


Maree said...

Hidy Katherine...I left an award for you on my have been such a blessing to me, so glad I "found" your blog!

With the rush of the season I don't want you to worry about sendng it out to 8 other bloggers.

Just wanted you to know you are appreciated!!


Sharon Kay said...

I love the greenery cross and a package at the door is always such fun. Your yellow flower is so different I do not think I have seen one that color.........white and red are pretty but yours is so charming.

Betty said...

That grandson is going to be a great husband to some fortunate young lady....he is starting out on the right foot! The cross is beautiful...

I usually use red poinsettias but have used the mauve pink ones in years past...your's is gorgeous...

Thank you for visiting with me...Betty