Little Elves

I bet you are thinking I haven't been online all week because I've been decorating. Nope, I haven't started yet, the boxes are still in the attic, hopefully they will come down this weekend.

I was hoping the little elves would decorate my house, but they haven't! They are so cute, I'll let them get by with that. Their names are Jingle and Jangle!

Thank you for your interest, it is so appreciated. Please leave a comment, and please do return soon!



~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Jingle and Jangle are so cute!!
If they do end up magically decorated your house, would you send them my way? ;)

ceekay said...

I wondered today where you have been. I hope you are well. I have a cold right now, but I do have the decorating done. Not the wrapping though. I keep putting that off! Glad you are back.

Maree said...

I adore them!!

I read your devotion the other day and have been meaning to comment and say thanks! Then I saw Jingle and Jangle pop up on my sidebar and they caught my attention...just like the praying hands did.

Thanking God for you tonight Katherine!

Mary said...


I just love Jingle and Jangle. If they decide to decorate your house, can you please send them up here when they're finished so they can decorate mine? lol

Adorable little elves. Thanks so much for sharing.


Carla said...

When they are done, send them this way! I could use some 'cleaning up for the holidays' help! (they are darling:)