Snowmen in FL!

Who says there are no snowmen in Florida! Look at all these! I didn't start out to have a snowman collection. Two of our daughters love snowmen and I've given them snowmen several times. I started finding really cute snowmen at the dollar stores, then first thing I knew I had a snowman collection! I only buy them if they are unique, and inexpensive!

The one above is one of my favorite, she is swinging from a flower!

I found the one above at TJ Maxx last week. I like her because she is a shopper! Shop till you drop (melt!)
This one is just downright silly, but I like the feather skirt!
I've had the one above several years, I think he came from Big Lots. I love the shiny fabric!
More shiny fabric!
The one above looks like a spring!

This one dressed in purple has beads for legs!

These two have spool legs, they came from Dollar General.

This one cracks me up, every time I look at him I laugh! He is animated, and sings "Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!" He is also a bank!
This one is made from a chenille bedspread.

I display my snowmen in the family room at Christmastime, on a small tree and on the CD cabinet.
The one above has licorice for hair!

This little snowman fell while trying to ski!

Another snowman skier lost his skis!

These three snowmen (heads) are tucked in the shelves with the CDs.

I have a few snowmen sitting on the window ledge behind the tree.
Two snow girls dressed in pastel!
The three snowmen on the left are made from flower pots!
The snowman on the left is made from a bottle, filled with faux snow.
The pencil tree is laden down with snowmen!
Snowman on top is made from a wooden ice cream spoon. The one on bottom was painted by one of my daughters when she was small.
Clothespin snowman, above.

And a melting snowman! I call him my Florida snowman!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my snow people! Be sure to show your children!

I hope you are enjoying preparing your celebration for our Lord Jesus' birthday!



Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

Hi Katherine, This is just TOO CUTE! I can't pick a favorite either! They are all so unique and neat! I do think the funniest is the melted snowman, though! LOL! ~hugs, Rhonda :)

Love Bears All Things said...

I enjoyed seeing your collection. They are so varied and gave me some ideas. I've been thinking about how to make the sock one. I've seen them but couldn't figure out what to do for the carrot nose. Now I know I can use a small pompom. I like the flower pot idea too. I could make those. I like makig homemade ornaments for gifts and have always made angels but I've been thinking about snowmen for next year.
Mama Bear

ceekay said...

Wow, you do have a few snowmen. I love them and collect them, but mostly for the tree. I have a melted snowman too! He really melted here in AZ!!!

Carrie said...

Wow, what a wonderful, charming collection! It's been so much fun to see the collections of various bloggers. Your snowmen (and ladies) are certainly special designs.

Breath of Fresh Air said...

I especially like the last one, the melting snowman.

noelle said...

Katherine, my grandkids will love to see the snow people. We are Floridians too. Tell me, how is it that your snow peole "warm" my heart? Have you seen our first giveaway? Here is the link. See you there.

Adrienne said...

Hi Katherine -
Your snowman collection is so cute. You've found some great little sweeties! I'm still behind on decorating - life keeps getting in the way. I'm nearly finished and hope to be mostly finished tomorrow or Saturday. I'll probably finish in time to take it all down again! I'm forcing myself not to be anything new or start a new collection this year. Hopefully that will help.

Darla said...

Isn't it funny how all of our snowmen are INSIDE in FL. GREAT!

Anonymous said...

Love all of your snow people. Seems snowmen are really "in" this year and have been for awhile. I think they are so cute.
Your teacup collection and your tea cup tree are a real treasure.
Thanks for sharing.
Christmas Hugs,