More Fall Decor and something new

Here are the big wooden acorns I bought at Hobby Lobby. They are displayed on a small 7"x 10" wooden tray with silk hydrangea, and faux leaves.

Above is another pumpkin plate I bought at Marshall's today. After our Faith Sharing Group meeting today, a friend and I drove up to St. Augustine so she could go to Hobby Lobby for the first time! She was so excited, and loves it!!We also went to Marshall's before we came home. This plate was only $3.99. I couldn't resist buying it, if it had been $5.99 I wouldn't have bought it, but it was only $3.99!!!! I didn't need another fall plate, was only $3.99..,.and it's so pretty!!

Have you seen these? They are new to me, I haven't seen them before. I found them at a Dollar Store over the weekend.

Here they are outside the package:

These pumpkin shaped Peeps have chocolate inside them!

More small pumpkins, from Hobby Lobby:

May I offer you a Pumpkin Peep?

They are very good!!



Adrienne said...

Hi, Katherine -
Yes, I'll have a pumpkin Peep. Served on a yellow plate. Oh my! Your decorations are wonderful. I love those wooden acorns. I don't have Hobby Lobby here so don't know if I could find them or not so I'll just have to enjoy yours.

Alice said...

Pumpkin peeps. LOL, what a silly name. I guess it doesn't matter what they are called so long as they taste good!

ceekay said...

Beautiful finds. I would have bought the plate too! And good thing I haven't found those peeps. I love peeps but I have lost 15 pounds so far...don't want them back!

Tina Leigh said...

I havent seen the pumpkin peeps...gotta get some tho!! I bought 5 packs of the Reeses Peanutbutter pumpkins (like the easter eggs).....I LOVE THEM!! I also bought 4 packs of the Fall Oreos. They have orange middles. I dont know why but they are WAY BETTER than the regular white ones. My husband agrees with me!!

I would have bought the plate for 3.99 too! It is all very pretty.

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Your fall decor is so lovely!! I hadn't seen those peeps yet, but I cannot eat the regular ones because they are too cute to consume! :)

Carrie said...

Thanks for both treats...your fall decor and the sweet....

Love Bears All Things said...

Yumm! I've always wanted to go to St Augustine. I know it is a great place to visit. Love your find from Hobby Lobby and Marshalls.
Mama Bear

Susie said...

Your decorations look very "fallish"
I hadn't seen those pumpkin peeps, but it seems they're doing peeps for every holiday now!
(remember when you could only get just the yellow ones at Easter?)
We don't have Hobby Lobby around here, but I think Michaels has many of the same sort of things.

Mary said...


I sure wish we had a Hobby Lobby here. I love those wooden acorns and the pumpkins are delightful.

Oh, the Pumpkin Peeps look delicious.