Show and Tell - Fall Decor

Time for Kelli's Show and Tell, go here for lots more fun.
I'm still adding a few fall touches to our house, please take a look!

An oversized crystal vase holds fall leaves. I just added these to the greenery that is in this vase.

Flocked silk leaves decorate the crystal chandelier above the dining room table.

I found these wooden leaves at Hobby Lobby, they have sparkle glitter and crystals on them.

I hung the wooded leaves on these sconces. The orange jeweled leaf on the gold-leafed sconce. These sconces are between the dining room and living room.

The green sparkly leaf decorates one of the crystal sconces.

Vignette on the butler's table which is used as a coffee table in the living room.

This is the top of the TV in the family room. I added fall leaves into the silk hydrangeas around the vintage luggage.

This sign sits on the top of the TV inside the armoire.

The chandelier in the breakfast nook has faux fall leaves intertwined around it.

I added flocked yellow and orange leaves to a yellow vignette in the family room.

My mother's Jewel Tea teapot and coffee pot have a fall look with the gold, brown and red design.

I hope you are enjoying seeing my fall decorations. I'm almost finished. My hubby thought I was finished and put the fall boxes back into the attic, and I'm not finished -- he put the box with all the scarecrows back up in the attic. Now I have to sweet talk him into bringing it back down!

I'm having company Friday through Sunday. I'll share more things Sunday night.



Carla said...

fun fun fun! Thank you for sharing your style!

Anonymous said...

Great decor and fun to see in your many photos!

Carrie said...

Wow, you have such a bounty of fall decor items...thanks for sharing.

Sarah C. said...

I almost have all my fall decor up. Thank you for sharing yours!

Mary said...


Your autumn decor is lovely and your mother's teapot beautiful. It fits very nicely into your autumn look. Great job and everything looks great.


Adrienne said...

Hi Katherine -
I love the way you have decorated your home for fall but my favorite is your mother's tea set. Perfect for fall tea! Wish I could stop by and sip a cup of tea poured from your special pot.

Kathy said...

Love all your beautiful Fall stuff, Katherine!

Kathi said...

Very nice fall decorations Katherine. I like the way you display them. Kathi

Hootin' Anni said...

You've really dressed up your home beautifully with the Autumn colors....

Hey? I've been to Hobby Lobby many times and have not seen these wooden leaves......I gotta go back there it seems. Now, for sure. Love those.

My show n tell is Halloween, solar lights since most all my visitors have been asking for some of my halloween decorations I've been setting up...and a set of kitchen linens that match my blog's header that I found! Come on by if you can find time...Happy Friday!

Grammy said...

I love the way you brought fall into the house and made it a happy time.

Chez Nous said...

Your decorations look lovely and the wooden leaves were a great find. I love what you have done with interweaving the leaves with your mother's tea and coffeepots.

Alice said...

Oh, I wish you could help me decorate for my mother's 75th birthday party I'm hosting at my house. I am going to use your chandelier decorating idea, that looks so pretty. Beyond that, I'm lost.

the pleasurs of homemaking said...

Love those glittery leaves on your beautiful sconce! Your fall touches look really lovely!


Hadias said...

Your Fall decorations are beautiful.

Grandma Faith said...

Beautiful fall decor. I'm a fan of Jewel Tea china, too.

Connie said...

You have truly done a fantastic job of fall decorating. I'm not fond of fall colors but those are outstanding, sweetpea.......

Kelli said...

Your fall decorations are beautiful, Katherine. I love the glittery wooden leaves and what a great idea to hang them from the sconces! I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Charlotte said...

Very nice decorations. I didn't know Peeps made Halloween candy. I love their Easter stuff.

Love Bears All Things said...

I enjoyed seeing your Fall decor.
To answer your question in your comment at my place: I moved to the Monrovia area. I'm not too far off of Hwy 72 in Madison. Relatively close to Research Park Blvd and Hwy 53. Since I've only been gone 5 years and visited often, I've just slipped right back in with all my friends and activities.
Mama Bear

Joy said...

Beautiful decorations! I love those wooden leaves you have on your chandelier.

Mary said...
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Tina Leigh said...

Very pretty.

Tammy said...

I love your fall decorations! Especially the centerpiece, the wooden leaves and the look of the fall leaves in the vase! Wonderful ideas I'm getting...:)

I had to smile because we keep our fall decorations in the rafters of the garage and I always have to ask to please take them down and put them back up...same with Christmas!

~Tammy @ Lattes and Lollipops

Gayle said...

Your home is beautifully decorated for fall. I would love to do that as well...maybe when the house is done. Although our fall isn't too long...I'd be better off decorating with snowmen! I sure do like the chandelier.

My Show & Tell

Anonymous said...

Wow, your fall decor is stunning, these colors work so well with your decor colors. So rich and lovely.

I had a bite of your Pumpkin Peep LOL!

Cup and saucer holder is darling, I have never seen an antique one like this before, Stunning.

Love all of the sunflower items too, Gorgeous.