I love sunflowers! I probably like them because they are yellow. Yellow roses are my favorite, they are more sophisticated, and sunflowers are more casual, but they make me happy just seeing them. Sunflowers aren't at all tropical, and aren't often seen here in FL. Sometimes they are sold in the grocery stores, and when I see them, I often buy a few.

The silk sunflowers above are now on my front door. The basket of sunflowers below are on my breakfast nook table. Can you see the black crow in them?

I have yellow Fiesta casual china that mixes easily with several pieces of sunflower china. I use these in the fall. Below are two sunflower dishes I bought last week at TJ Maxx. Aren't they cheery!

I also bought this square sunflower pumpkin platter at TJ Maxx.

This little Boyd's Bear is Blossum B. Berriweather....Bloom with Joy! Special F.o.B Edition 1999.

My husband bought me the little bear on the left, her name is Sunflower and her dress and bonnet have sunflowers on them. The smaller bear on the right is also a Boyd's Bear, I've forgotten her name, I like her little yellow sweater, and yellow hat with a sunflower on it! I think I'll call her Sunny!

Another sunflower dish below. I'm showing both sides of it. Below is the back.

Front side of bowl

I just remembered I have a hat with a sunflower on it. Maybe I'll get hubby to take a picture of me with it on tomorrow.
Do you like sunflowers? Do you have any sunflowers displayed at your house? I should also add, I love sunflower seeds, and I have a few recipes I use them in.
I have started doing a little fall decorating and will share more photos this week. We had company this past weekend, and today I hosted our Faith Sharing Group meeting. I have my Creative Memories workshop tomorrow night, but after that I'll be free the remainder of the week! I hope to blog and read blogs!!


ceekay said...

I do love sunflowers Katherine. Soon I will post my outside pictures and you will see I have lots of sunflowers. Your plates are great! I am so trying to refrain from buying any right now. But I don't guarantee anything!

judicreations said...

Good Morning!
I love sunflowers too. They are so big and bright and happy aren't they...and I love yellow roses too. Yellow is one of my favourite colours.

Your plates and dishes are sooo beautiful for fall and throughout the year. Love the black crow peeking out of those sunflowers.

Enjoy this fall day.

Alice said...

That black crow is the perfect, unexpected touch! I love sunflowers too. I am thinking of doing a van Gogh Sunflower Tea in the future.

A Hint of Home said...

I do love sunflowers and painted many of them when I was doing craft shows. I like all yours but especially the new platter from TJ Maxx.
They are bright and cheery.

Carrie said...

Sunflowers are so bright and exhuberant...I love to see them in real life as flowers and as motifs on china and other items.

Mary said...


Your photos of the sunflowers are absolutely wonderful. My favorite fall flower is sunflowers. They are beautiful. And that little bear is delightful.


Mary said...


From your comments on my post today, it sounds like you are busy with birthdays. Wish everyone a Happy Birthday for me. My friend's birthday is Sunday,.

Thank you for your comments on the heirloom photo. It is quite old, as Dr. Jim died before Mom was born.

Take care and enjoy your week, my friend.

Carrie said...

Dear Katherine,
Please go here for an award to you:
Carrie – Oak Rise Cottage

Lady Katherine said...

I have been digging in boxes packed up when we moved our home in on our land. Yes sunflowers. I had them in my other home. I have fallen in love again. Yours are lovely.