Rocking and Rolling!

Looks like we may be in for some more rough weather by the end of the week. The hurricane, Hannah, is predicted to come up the east coast of Florida by Friday. Yikes! This is where we live! There are two other disturbances out there as well. I'm praying Hannah (and the others) will go further east, out to sea, away from us!

September is generally a rough month for Floridians with the storms coming our way. The peak of hurricane season is September 10th, hopefully after then things will slow down a little.

Our pastor told us to pray boldly. I guess you can't get much bolder than to pray against a hurricane! Please pray boldly with us!!

Above is our grandson, Caden, rocking on "Peanut," the family rocking horse we took to him several weeks ago. I featured "Peanut" on my blog on July 31st and told his story if you would like to read it, scroll down.

I hope we will have big smiles on our faces, like Caden does, if our world is rocked during this hurricane season!

Thank you for your prayers.



ceekay said...

Our church is praying for everyone in the hurricanes path. Prayerfully, it will just turn into a storm! We were in one Hurricane in Hawaii...actually, the end of it and believe you me, that was enough for me!

Cottage Rose said...

I will be boldly praying for you as well as other in the path of such a nasty storm. Keep safe and have a great week.


ps love the photo how cute is he.

Karla @ Ramblin' Roads said...

I love your blog! I nominated you for a blog award. Stop by my blog to pick it up, if you're into that kind of thing!

Susie said...

Hi Katherine,
Your little Caden has the most beautiful smile! I've said a prayer for those in the path of the hurricanes. Be safe..

La Tea Dah said...

Caden looks so cute! I love "Peanut" who looks much like my boys rocking horse! Very cute picture!

LaTeaDah (praying boldly with you)

Adrienne said...

Dear Katherine -
I'm praying that you will be safe and that Hannah will not destroy lives and property for any of you in the pathway.

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Hi Katherine, Thank you for your kind comments on my 100th post! :) I wish you well during the next few days as we face Hanna, and my prayers are with you! I am about an hour off the coast on the NC/SC stateline. So it looks like we will get it too!

Elizabeth's Tea party was just precious! Elizabeth and Caden are too cute! :) ~Rhonda

A Hint of Home said...

Praying for all in the path of the storm. My Mom is in Fl. as well. We in SC may be it's path this weekend.
Caden is as cute as can be. They are so innocent at that age of what is going on around them.

Charlotte said...

I passed an award on to you today. It is on my Dolls Dolls Dolls blog.

Lallee said...

Love that big smile!

Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

Too cute! Looks a lot like our rocking horse~