Impromptu Lunch

I found another platter in the cabinet today and wanted to add it to my sunflower posts. I bought this one about two years ago.

Yesterday a friend and I went to lunch. It was a nice time, the restaurant was across from the ocean and the waves were huge since it was a very windy day. I was mad at myself for not bringing my camera along to take a picture of our fabulous view. I would also have liked taking a picture of the meal I had. It was the most delicious chocolate hazelnut crepe! Yummy!

After lunch we went to an antique store behind the restaurant. Here are two things I bought.

A yellow rose tea towel for our kitchen.

And a yellow rose pot holder.

Tomorrow on Kelli's Show and Tell I will share another great find I bought there.



Carrie said...

Very nice finds. My Vintage Thursdays post tells about an under two-dollar thrifting spree.

A Hint of Home said...

I've been so mad at myself for not taking my camera. I'm trying to be better at that so I don't miss pictures I can later post.
Your towel, pot holder, and tray are very pretty.

Mary said...

Oh, Katherine! I love that rose towel. It is gorgeous.

Blessings for a great weekend.

Adrienne said...

What beautiful finds! More reason it's good that we weren't shopping together. We wouldn't want to fight over them, would we? ~Adrienne~

Rhondi said...

Yellow roses! How perfect for you!
I love the sunflower platter too.
Rhondi xo

xpoik said...

Hello there! I was given a set of 3 jars with the same sunflower pattern as your platter. I was wondering if you might have any more information on who made the pattern or what it is called. I don't have any markings on mine, but by luck came across your picture! Any help would be appreciated. Thank you so much!

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Xpoik, I wasn't able to reply to you on your question. In case you come back here again and see this message to you, the answer is:

On the back of the sunflower plate is: "Tuscan Lemon" Made in China.

I bought the plate at Ross a few years ago.