Coming Soon!!

Thanks to all of you for your patience with me while I've been sharing my passion! I also thank you again for your interest and encouragement on my new blog!

I have my scarecrow collection out of the attic again (thanks, hubby!!) I'll be sharing them real soon! I'm placing them around the house and will take more pictures soon. Above is a sneak preview, the way a few looked as I took them out of the box!

Thank you for your interest, it is so appreciated. Please leave a comment, and please do return soon!

God Bless You!


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~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Your scarecrow collection is so cute and happy! :)

Lady Katherine said...

And oh what a collection! That it too too cute.

Adrienne said...

Ooh, those are scary looking creatures. If I was a bird I wouldn't even think of coming close! Can't wait to see more. ~Adrienne~

Charlotte said...

I enjoy your blogs and I want to pass an award and tag on to you. Here is the link

Lady Katherine said...
Above is the address to:
I also went back and fixed the link on the A Pink ROSE page to Anni page and to A LADY'S HOPE.
NOT SURE WHY IS IS WAS NOT LINKING, BUT IT WAS AT TIME OF POST. My grandson just saw the post on your scarecrows he loved it!

Lady Katherine said...

Okay, Creighton, my grandson is so excited, he says the one with the blue pants on is Hummpity dumpy

Love Bears All Things said...

You're the first person I've known who collected Scarecrows. They all look lovely there.
Mama Bear