Autumn Rose

My husband loves to go grocery shopping at Walmart! He also loves to bring me roses when he goes to Walmart. These are the latest he brought me, aren't they gorgeous! He usually brings me yellow roses, but sometimes brings red, or an unusual color. These fit right in with my fall decorating. I went wild taking pictures of them, and now can't decide which is my favorite way to display them. Above they are inside the wicker pumpkin basket.

I first had them in this clear vase, next I added some silk fall leaves.

Then I played around with a few single roses.

They are displayed beside our antique clock in the family room, above.

The wicker basket in on the coffee table in the family room.
I just set the vase of roses inside it.

Here the lid to the wicker pumpkin is shown.


I love the simplicity of the single rose.

Today is the second day for the roses, they are beginning to open up.

Which photo do you like best? I need to post all of them on Flickr or somewhere!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my lovely yellow/orange roses as much as I do!

Tomorrow we go back to Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville for Joe's six-month check-up, we're praying for another good report!



La Tea Dah said...

Very, very beautiful! I love roses and yours are exceptional!


~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

They certainly are lovely, such a pretty autumn color! How thoughtful of your husband. Praying for a good visit tomorrow;

Connie said...

Those roses are stunning, sweet chick! I love the pinks and yellows together in a rose. Just always have. May your day be wonderful, honey.....

Alice said...

Those are such pretty roses. I like them in the clear glass with the leaves around. It is a perfect fall scene.

I'll be keeping Joe in my prayers for a good health report today. I can see from they way you write about him that he's a very special guy.

Carrie said...

This was such a wonderful seasonal gift...its great how you made various settings with the roses.

Tina Leigh said...

I like the 2nd the vase with the leaves....they are beautiful! You have a fine "HURS-BIN" (pronounced like its spelled, lol) as I like to say...I hope he gets a good report. Be careful.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness but your roses are breath taking, love them. I love them in the wicker basket. Thanks so much for sharing their beauty with us.


Anonymous said...

Thank You Katherine for sharing! My parents are going to have their 50th wedding anniversary in November God willing and I like the color-- because gold is not really yellow and that color of rose is in between!! Just a neat rose color!!!

Lorraine said...

Your roses are absolutely gorgeous. I love the fall colors and how well they blend with the leaves in your decor.

Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

Kathy these are stunning. I don't know which pic I like best! I like what you did with all of them.
I do like the pic in the glass vase with the "falling" leaves.
Just beautiful! I want some!!!

Lallee said...

The roses are beautiful and Joe is a keeper. So happy to hear his good Mayo report. PTL!

I have enjoyed seeing all your decorations for fall. They look beautiful in your home and you have some very different items. Your banner looks stunning.