Interesting Article

I found this article above in the Nov 08 Country Sampler recently.

Do you remember this picture (below) I posted back in June? I took the picture at my Aunt Thelma's house when we visited her in May. I found the tea pot and cup and saucer so cute and unique.

The article in the Country Sampler (below) features the same style, but in different colors.

Another coincidence about this article, I remember seeing little pixie figurines like the ones above, when I visited Aunt Thelma when I was a child. I was intrigued by them. I always loved figurines.

I'm sorry to report that my Aunt Thelma, who was 90 passed away last month. I'm so thankful we stopped to visit her on our trip.



Adrienne said...

Dear Kathrine -
I'm so sorry you lost your Aunt Thelma but so glad you were able to visit with her not long ago. Amazing that she had the things featured in the magazine. I remember a dear, older family friend who we visited a lot when I was a little girl. Her house was filled with the little pixies - on shelves, tables, windowsills - everywhere. She never would have guessed how much people would want them now!

Simply Heart And Home said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. Your Aunt sounds like a lovely woman.

That teapot is adorable!



Alice said...

Wasn't it a blessing that you were able to visit your Aunt before she passed on. I hope you have lots of sweet memories of her to carry with you.

Tina Leigh said...

Sorry about your Aunt....God's timing that you went by. I know the article made you think of her. Neat huh.