Scarecrow Parade!

I'm starting to share my scarecrow collection tonight, and will continue to show more tomorrow on Show and Tell. The little scarecrow above is hanging on our front door decor.

Happy Autumn! Cute little scarecrow in a wheelbarrow.

I have several girl scarecrows, this one above I bought at Hobby Lobby last year.

Little scarecrow, above is riding on a pumpkin with wheels!

The little scarecrow above is made from chenille yarn. She is hanging on a candlestick.

I bought these two little scarecrows because they are sitting on ears of corn!

Here's the scarecrow vignette in our family room.

This little scarecrow above is so cute, but you can't see just how cute. He has fallen down, and can't get up!

Little scarecrow on a screendoor!

Another cute girl scarecrow!

The little girl scarecrow above, has curly hair!

Sunflower scarecrow, above.

The little scarecrows, above, are salt and pepper shakers!

The tiny scarecrows, above are only about 2 inches high!

The scarecrow, above has joints in his arms and legs, and can be posed in lots of ways! He is on the inside of our front door!

Tomorrow on Show and Tell, I will show my very favorite scarecrows! Please come back to meet all of them!



Anonymous said...

Wonderful collection of scare crows, I love the one hanging on the door. Thanks for sharing.

Lady Katherine said...

I have never seen so many at one time. You have the best collection