My Day Today

This is how I spent almost two hours of my day this afternoon! (No, I'm didn't really take a picture of my dentist and his assistant, I found this on Allposters!)

I am the proud owner of a $924 crown on my tooth! Yikes! Can you believe it costs so much?? I sometimes wonder how these doctors and dentists sleep at night, after charging those prices. I am thankful for good doctors and the latest modern equipment though. I had absolutely no pain today, even the two shots of novacaine didn't hurt!. My gum is throbbing a little now, and I'm very sleepy, I guess from the trauma of it all. I'm trying to stay awake, if I go to bed too early, I wake up at 3 or 4 a.m. and can't get back to sleep, do you do this?

I hope to get caught up tomorrow night and reply to the comments I've received. My husband has a class tomorrow night and I'll be home alone and have some free time.

I copied this picture below, just because it was funny! I hope it gives you a chuckle! I'm thankful I still have most of my teeth, and not a set of these!!


Adrienne said...

Katherine -
I'm glad you survived your day. Do you feel like you are worth more than before? Should you insure your tooth?

Thanks for stopping by my blog again today. I appreciate hearing from you. I'm busy getting ready for company and trying to do all the things I should have done through the past five years! Not really - it just seems that way. Would you believe that our grocery store was selling those umbrellas? I have looked at a lot of umbrellas over the past few weeks and didn't find the right color. You would LOVE my new patio cushions. They have a soft yellow background with blue and yellow roses all over them. I'll share pictures one of these days. I wish you could drop by for a cup of tea. You could see them for yourself. Maybe some day!

ceekay said...

Glad your dentist trip turned out good. I need to go sometime soon too! How is the camera situation? I would be lost without mine! Try to get some rest!!

Bonita said...

Hope you're feeling better! The pictures are so funny.

As for the price, I understand because we've had lots of dental expenses lately. However, having worked with doctors for years I also understand all the expenses they have including exhoribitant malpractice insurance because of all the lawsuits out there.

Alice said...

I suppose at $924 you didn't get the crown made of solid gold with a diamond in the center. :) I'm glad you didn't have any pain with the procedure but it is stressy to have to go through all that.

The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

Oh what a hoot! See, you can get creative without your camera, lol!

La Tea Dah said...

Scary pictures, Katherine! I hope you are feeling better soon --- and get your new camera soon (so we can have the gentle, peaceful pictures back! LOL!).

Enjoy a happy day and FEEL great!


Susie said...

Time at the dentist is one of my least favorite things to do. The next would be paying that much money for the privilege of doing so!!
Hope you have a swift recovery and enjoy the 4th of July!

Lallee said...

The posters you found are priceless. They gave me a good smile. And your post reminded me of how EXPENSIVE my mouth has become. I must smile more often. Glad the worst part of the crowning is over for you.

Mary said...


Wow! The cost is atrocious. I have had a top denture for 37 years and it is giving up. Teeth are important for optimum health. I'm glad you still have all of yours.


Betty said...

I'm glad you have your dental appointment over and done with, Katherine. Also, I'm glad you didn't have much pain with it. That's a blessing.