It's here!!!!

It's here!!! I'm so happy!! I'm looking for things to take pictures of! This was my first try. I'm not real happy with the closeup of this bouganvillia blossom. I'll keep trying.

This one is the whole branch (the only one I can reach!)

All this is what I have to read!!! Yikes! It's all a little overwhelming right now, and I'm a bit intimidated! I will do it though! My husband is helping me step-by-step! Hopefully I'll have some good photos -- and subjects soon! Now I'm wishing I hadn't told you about the new camera, because you'll be expecting great things! Not sure I can live up to it! LOL!

Speaking of great things, I want to recognize two fairly new fellow bloggers who have done a great job with their blogging! I was blown away tonight when I looked at their blogs. Check out Ceekay's new look here. And for some neat entertainment, look at Nikki's blog here! I wish I could be as creative as they are!



Naturegirl said...

Katherine I'm coming in by way of Kelli's..always a nice way to meet new bloggers.
I have a NEW camera ..since November
and still haven't mastered all the settings! It's trial and error and a lot of help from the camera store personnel! Keep clicking! :)NG

Carrie said...

Hello Katherine,
It's great that you now have your new camera. What a wonderful instrument... and I know you will be posting some fine photos very soon.
I have a Canon PowerShot A410, which does not show the true shot in the view finder. With your Canon model you are able to view just what you will be snapping.
My regular camera is an Olympus SLR with multiple lens, etc. So I have felt handicapped with my low performance digital camera.

Susie said...

Hi Katherine,
I know you'll have fun experimenting with all the settings (thankfully you can just delete those that don't please you and not have to pay for film!)
I tried getting a macro of my bougainvillea blossoms but had a difficult time as well. (I love those tiny white centers that look like little stars!)

The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

Congrats Kathy! I'm sure you'll have a blast with it.

I'm starting to realllly hate my hp camera, but alas... I have no $$$ for a new one. My macro doesn't work and the flash is too bright, yet if I turn it off the pics will be blury. Very frustrating.

Thank you so much for mentioning me... you make me blush!!

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Hi Katherine, I'm so excited for you! The new camera is going to be so much fun! I'm hoping one might be under my tree this Christmas! :) I've been hinting for awhile now! LOL! Your scrapbooks are great! Hope you will keep sharing more of your pages! Since blogging began, I am so far behind in my scrapbooks. Just not enough time in the day! LOL! ~Rhonda :)

Alison Gibbs said...

Oh the 'joys' of trying to figure out how to use a new camera!! Somebody has fiddled with my camera and now I can't work out how to fix it!!!!

Lallee said...

Have fun learning. Sometimes just trying and seeing what works is the best way.

Kate said...

I'm so glad you posted about your new camera! I don't have one, and want to buy one--but not sure which one to buy. Looking forward to hearing about yours!