Bloom Where You Are Planted

Since I'm still without a camera, I'm having a hard time finding ways to "Bloom Where I'm Planted" with my blogging. I was looking through an old group file and found these pictures you may be interested in. My old friends have seen them, but maybe they are new to a lot of my new blogging friends. Above, is a pansy I painted with the verse that has helped me through the years.

Back in the 70s my main hobby was oil painting. I did a lot of tole and decorative painting, and I sold most of my paintings! I kept a few, and have some of them displayed in our house. Above is a painting of daffodils on a wooden cabinet door. It is hanging over our French doors in our master bedroom. I also did the ivy surrounding it.

I shared the old wooden shoe last above, on Kelli's Show and Tell a while ago. It is one of my favorite pieces with the wild yellow roses, and ribbon painted on it. It is displayed with my antique sewing machine.
I don't usually tell why I quit painting, but will share it now. I thought I was happily married (for 21 years) and I was enjoying being a homemaker, painting, etc, when my little world fell apart with a devasting divorce. I had to go to work to support myself, and I went into a deep depression. This is when I quit painting, and quit so many of the things of my old lifestyle. I hadn't worked in 20 years, computers were new in the workplace, and difficult to learn back then. I survived, with the help of my family, friends, and church! I learned to bloom where I was planted! I was single 16 years before I remarried. We have been married over 11 years now and my husband is very supportive to me and my desires!
I hope you have enjoyed seeing a few of my paintings. Lately I have been having a feeling I would like to start painting again. Maybe someday..........someday in the near future.



Mary said...


I love all of your paintings. Please begin painting again. You are a talented lady.

When we are hurt deeply and become depressed, we tend to give up the things we enjoy doing. I know what depression is like and only God can bring us through that dark valley.

Take care, my friend. I do hope to see more of your paintings soon.


~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Katherine, I had nearly forgotten that you are such a talented painter. Thank you for sharing your lovely paintings with us.

The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

Katherine I adore that shoe last, I'm so glad you posted it again. I don't recall seeing the other two paintings before. They are wonderful. You simply must paint again, you are so gifted. New fabulous memories will over ride the sad ones once your brush does it's first few strokes.
You say bloom where you are planted, well girl... this painting gift is planted inside you and you should certainly let it bloom!

Susie said...

Hi Katherine,
You have such a beautiful gift and talent for painting..
I can understand your depression after that devastating divorce as I saw my Mom go through that when her marriage to my Dad ended after 35 yrs. She had been married since the age of 16. It was a very tough time.
I hope you find your joy in painting again..

Adrienne said...

Katherine -
Your painting is gorgeous! I used to do a bit of tole painting when my kids were small. Some day maybe I'll tell the story of my pansy painting that my daughter decided to 'taste'! I'm so sorry you had to go through the divorce and have your world turned upside down. But I'm thankful for your dear hubby who loves you much now. You are blessed, dear friend! Thank you for taking the risk to share your story. I believe you are blooming where you are planted.

ceekay said...

My favorite saying now, life is wonderful, life is difficult. I am sorry you went through that. I won't even try to imagine. But I too hope you can start painting...boy I wish I could paint! I remember when I was going through my treatments I thought so much of me was being killed. It is just in the last few months I have felt like me and I am scrapbooking again. Joy comes in the morning! Have a good week friend.

Alice said...

Your painting is so beautiful. You were certainly blessed with this talent. We don't usually know the private sorrows and pain that our friends hold inside. Thank you for sharing and inspiring, letting us know that life can be wonderful again after bad times.

A Hint of Home said...

I'm sure that was a difficult time in your life. I'm so glad you found love and happiness again. Your paintings are wonderful. I hope you try your hand at it again.
I have not done much in the last few years myself. I'm thinking about it though.
Thanks for sharing with us.

Kelli said...

your paintings are beautiful, you should definitely start up again! I am sorry you went through such a rough time. Your husband sounds like a real blessing!

Cathy said...

You are very talented, Katherine. Thanks for sharing all you went through. I'm glad you are happily married now.

Betty said...

Katherine, I loved the oil paintings you showed. I used to love to oil paint, but I painted by number. Still a lot of fun.

I hope your week is going well so far.

ceekay said... answer your question about the was all in black and white...a mini photo album, notecards, notepad, package of purse kleenex, m & m s and a crystal hanging from the bows. I always just use tulle and wired ribbon to wrap all always makes even the most simplest of gifts gorgeous!

A Hint of Home said...

Thank you, Katherine! Your comments brightened my day.

La Tea Dah said...

Beautiful paintings, Katherine --- and what a wonderful testimony to God's watch-care over you. Your story reminds me of the verse in scripture that promises that He will restore the years that have been taken from you (my translation).

God bless you!

Rhondi said...

Hi Katherine. Thanks for sharing your story with us. That must have been such a hard time for you! I did tole and decorative painting back in the 70's too and quite enjoyed it. Life just got too busy. I went back to teaching for a few years and just never took it up again. Your pieces are beautiful.
Hugs, Rhondi

Schotzy said...

To everyting there is a season, and you definitely are enjoying the season of restoration now, and it is time to begin painting again. Make good use of your God -given talents. I love your work.Thanks for visiting my blog and I really enjoyed coming back to your's!

Carrie said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely paintings. I hope you will soon find time to begin painting again. It is always great to read your posts.