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I just love my blogging/cyberspace friends! Most of you I have never met, but I feel I have bonded with you whether we have met in person or not! I want to thank LaTeaDah at Gracious Hospitality for featuring Yellow Rose Arbor as Blog of the Week! Yikes, here I am without a camera, how can I make her proud by posting something fun and pretty all week!

I had planned to feature a new blogger friend, Melissa's Cozy Tea Cup, on my blog, so I will go ahead and do that since I am so excited for her! During the last few weeks I have received a few emails about a book "A Tea Cup of Turmoil" someone was writing, and sharing the first few chapters. I must confess I never took the time to read them. Friday chapter 4 arrived by email. I was tired and needed something to relax with, so I clicked on Melissa's blog and read chapter 4! It was fabulous! I started searching her blog for chapter 1, found it and couldn't stop reading this interesting and wonderful story about a young lady who works in a tea room, and has a dream of owning a bed and breakfast!

Some of you know how much I adore anything that has to do with tea, tea rooms, and my second passion is visiting bed and breakfasts! As if this wasn't enough to hold my interest, the best part is that it is a Christian book and she uses analogies to things in the bible! It also has adventures of her little doggie, and it's set in Colorado - one of my favorite states to visit!

Melissa Bishop has made the whole book available to buy in paperback, or to download. I just ordered two paperback books, one for me and one for a friend! Now I don't have to wait to read the remaining chapters! And wait! There's more!! This is the beginning of a series, so it won't end when I finish the book!

Check out Melissa's website, look for the prologue to read first, it's posted on June 20th; Chapter 1 is on June 19th; Chapter 2 on June 27th; Chapter 3 on July 3rd, and Chapter 4 on July 11th. See if you like her story as much as I do! Let me know!

The photo above is the cover of Melissa's book.



Alice said...

I'll certainly visit Melissa. Her book sounds delightful. Thanks for the introduction to her!

Melissa's Cozy Teacup said...

Thanks for the great post! I'm getting all misty eyed. No, really. The feed back and response to my book and chapters has been wonderful. I love my tea blog ladies!

Love Bears All Things said...

Hello Katherine,
Thanks for the heads up on Melissa's blog and book. I will check it out.
Yes, I was in Huntsville last week. I had 3 full days with my daughter and lots of time with her children and son by love. He is going to school full time this summer so is in and out all day. The children are home for the first time ever in the summer. Usually they've been in summer care.
I just returned home yesterday. I am still tired. I need a day to recuperate but I have a busy week planned.
Mama Bear

GardenGoose said...

sounds like a good book.I wanted to stop by and wish you a lovely week though.
Tina at gardengoose

Betty said...

Congratulations, Katherine, on being featured as blog of the week. That was quite an honor.