The Lord Provides

Sometimes the Lord provides for you before you know you need it. Today we received our rebate check! One hour before the check arrived I broke a tooth. I'm sure I will have to get a crown/cap at the tune of $800 (maybe more.) He knows what we need and provides even before we know!
"Remember, your Father knows exactly what you need before you ask Him!" Matthew 6:8 (Life Application Bible)

Granted we had big plans for that rebate check. I'm hoping we'll have money left over to get my new camera! ;-)

Thank you Lord!



Alice said...

He certainly does! I'm sorry to hear about your tooth though. Dental work is never fun but I hope your dentist can fit you in before the holiday.

Bonita said...

Isn't it great that He not only provides, but He's always right on time!

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Sorry about your tooth!
Happy for you about the rebate check!

Betty said...

Yes, God provides.

Susie said...

A broken tooth sounds quite painful (and expensive) We're still waiting on our check..

Kelli said...

Wonderful news, Katherine!

Adrienne said...

Hi Katherine -
I love the way God provides for us. My little mom always says, "He's never too early and never too late." A favorite verse tells us that before we call he will answer. His answer to your need was already in the mail before you had the need. But He knew. And took care of you - His dear child.

Thank you for stopping by my blog and for leaving your sweet comments. I'm glad you enjoyed the photos of God's handiwork in my part of the world. The picture of the little girl at the piano is a favorite of mine. I have it framed near my piano. Someday I'll share the story of how it came to me. Yes, I love the yellow roses in that picture, too. I knew you would notice them.


Mary said...


Some of our best laid plans go awry and I'm glad you got the rebate check and will be able to get your tooth repaired.

God is good and He supplies all of our needs.