Little Duds

I bought this little yellow rose outfit for Elisabeth when she was born! It is size 24 months, so I hope it will fit her now! Some of you may remember two years ago we had two grandbabies born two weeks apart, in two different states!! Well, they are having their second birthdays in August.
It is so much fun shopping for little ones again. Here's the matching pants with yellow roses on them!

Caden will be two this coming Sunday (Aug 3rd) Here's a cute little outfit we found for him. The shirt is green and brown plaid, with matching brown pants.
This cute little monkey is on all the pieces.
It also has coordinating denim jeans and jacket, with the little monkey on them!
And -- a matching hat! It has "Little Hunk" on it! Very appropriate! ;-)

And, look at this!! I haven't been able to buy any little ballet things in a very long time (since my daughters were little!) We have two big boy grandsons too, so I've been buying all boy things, until now! I can't wait to see Elisabeth in this! Her birthday is Aug 17th.

Elisabeth is a girly-girl, she loves jewelry, and all the girly froo-froo! Shown are rings, bracelets, and a necklace for her!

I hope you enjoyed taking a peek at some of their birthday presents! There's a bunch of toys that go along with these clothes! Grandparents love to spoil their Grands!!



Linda said...

Such sweet little outfits. It's so fun shopping for little ones. Hugs, Linda

ceekay said...

My grandson is going to be 6 in August and starting Kindergarten. We are taking him on a shopping trip to his favorite store - Walmart! I am sure the toy department will be the first place we stop!
Your little outfits are so cute! I can tell you are getting excited.

Alice said...

The little yellow outfit is so dear. And I love the outfit for Caden too. Little boy clothes are usually not nearly as cute as girl clothes but the little monkey certainly is. I can't wait to see pictures of the kids wearing the outfits.

Carrie said...

All the outfits are so cute! Especially sweet and charming is the two-piece with yellow roses. Hope you get photos of the kids in their new outfits.

Cathy said...

Precious little outfits and jewelry ~ It is fun picking out little clothes.

Lallee said...

They are all adorable. I got to shop in the 'pink' baby department yesterday for a friend's granddaughter. It was fun!

Kathy said...

What darling things you found for your grandbabies! Love the little pink ballet tutu! Grandbabies are such fun!