Part 3 - Scrapbooking

For those of you who didn't see the pictures of my Treasure Album, I'm showing it again. I posted this on Show and Tell on April 23rd, if you want to see details close-up, go to April 23rd and click on the photos there.

Part 3 – Scrapbooking

I decided to add a part 3 about scrapbooking since there are so many of you who scrapbook, want/need to scrapbook, even feel guilty because you don’t scrapbook!

Where are your photos? In drawers, in shoeboxes? In some of those fancy shoebox size decorated boxes? Still in the photo envelops from where they were developed? Well, believe it or not, they are probably better off in some of those places than left in your digital camera for years, or forever! The digital camera has become the storage spot in this decade for those precious photo memories. It is sad that those photos may never be printed! Some children may never get to see pictures of their childhood!!

Do you ever read the Cathy cartoons? Even she has been posting about how many photos are inside their cameras, never to be seen! It’s very common these days!

Technology progresses and the digital cameras continue to be updated, the old cameras becoming obsolete! We see it happening with all electronics, our computers can no longer support the old discs, the floppy discs are gone, the little square discs are being replaced by the flash memory USB jump drive. (I think that’s what those little “sticks” are called. Soon, maybe sooner than we expect – those photos that are stored inside the digital cameras will no longer be accessible! Can you remember the old 8-track music cassettes? They are gone, we can no longer play them! Next were the smaller cassette tapes, don’t know if they can be played these days! Then came the CDs, they are here to stay, right? Even now they are being replaced by DVDs, and the cell phones are also taking over these days with newer things becoming available!

I’m old enough to remember the old Polaroid cameras, I had one, and the pictures weren’t that great, or didn’t last very long! Unfortunately some of my small children’s photos were taken on these and they have either disappeared or discolored.

Think about what has happened, and what is going to happen in the future! Please get prints of your special memory occasions, especially your babies and children! Don’t let them grow up to find there are no pictures of them growing up! At least none that can be seen! No way to access the storage inside those cameras! Think about it, it could (and will) happen eventually!

Please keep your photos printed. Scrapbooking is a wonderful way to leave your photos and stories to your children, but if they aren’t in an album(s) then at least have them somewhere that they can see!

I use the CM storage boxes that holds about 2300 pictures. You can organize the photos in chronological order, or alphabetical order. This is a great way to store photos in these large boxes, until I can get them into the photo albums! They have smaller pockets inside to pull out a certain date, or subject, a few at a time while working on them in albums. These boxes are very portable and can easily be taken in case of emergency, such as a hurricane coming! We have to worry about things like that here in Florida! This is the last post about scrapbooking! I hope you don't mind reading all I've had to say about it, most of all I hope it will inspire you!



Adrienne said...

Thanks Katherine. I'm inspired {again} to get going soon to finish what I started. I think I have millions of pictures to put in albums. The first step will be to sort and organize them all. I redid my wedding album over the past few years with a CM wedding album. I have just a bit of journaling to finish up. Soon! Very soon. After my out-of-state family's visit is over.

The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

Kathy your treasure album is so neat, and a great idea.
You're right about the photo storage. I was pretty good about getting my pics printed until I started using Flickr last year. Now I find myself saying, "I got a back up", so I'll "print them later". Yah, right. I hope I do!
Thanks for reminding me how important it is, I need to get on the ball!

Carrie said...

I've enjoyed your scrapbooking posts and hope you will post on scrapbooking whenever you have something to share. Thanks for the advice on preserving family photos.

Right now I have a large lot of photos to be printed. I've been uploading them to Snapfish and will be making a big order soon.