Welcome, March!

I have been waiting for March to post my St. Patrick's Day decorations. We are not Irish, but I like to have a little green in honor of St. Patrick's Day. Above: The St. Patrick's Day vignette on the hall tree in our foyer. (Secret: I used the same hurricane vase and tulle used for Valentine's Day, just removed the red things and added the green!)

This little Happy Shamrock guy frolicks in a basket full of shamrocks. This hat basket is being used as a centerpiece on our dining room table.

The little Leprechaun hides among the shamrocks in this vase.

Close-up of the little Leprechaun, he has tiny spool legs!

Definition of Leprechaun: A mischievous elf of Irish folklore, believed to reveal the hiding place of treasure if caught!

Isn't he cute? (Secret: the green shamrock decorations are really elastics for pony tails! I bought them at the dollar store!) I believe they are called hair bungees.

Top 'o the morning, to you!! Please return return soon!



Adrienne said...

Good Day to you! This partly Irish girl with the Irish eyes that smile is enjoying your St. Paddy's decorations. I don't have any but will soon start putting our Spring decorations. Today it's off to the garage to clean, toss, sort and organize. Ugh! What a huge job but will be nice when it's done. I'll be by again soon to see what you're up to. ~Adrienne~

ceekay said...

Katherine, you always have the cutest decorations. No St. Paddy's for me. Never got into it. But I sure enjoy seeing yours...ceekay

Susan said...


I just LOVE your decorations. I am busy trying to get my Easter decorations together to put out. You are just do TOGETHER my dear.

Anonymous said...
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Hope said...

Hi Katherine,

Cute decorations. How creative you are and at little cost. I don't do St. Patrick's Day decorations just because I'm too lazy! LOL Also not Irish! I've enjoyed yours though!

Can you believe it's March already??


Betty said...

Katherine, I love your St. Patrick's Day decorations. Of course, I love green, period. Anything green. It is one of my favorite colors.

Have a good week.

Kari & Kijsa said...

Oh, we feel the luck o' the Irish! Love all your wonderful decorations!!

kari & kijsa

Sondra said...

Love your St. Patty day decorations. My two oldest boys love the holiday. They have a small amount of Irish in them on my exhusbands side. But they just say they are Irish and go crazy for St. Patricks day! I was very dissapointed when I realized that Easter was falling in march this year too. That means the green will have to come down in time for the eggs and bunnies.

Cathy said...

Those decorations are so pretty and cute.

Anonymous said...

Always enjoy visiting your blog! Happy St. Pat's Day! to you too! And I am IRISH as my "G" grandmother was a McKeown! I like all you have done with your blog in honor of the day! Love how you change the decor to fit the holiday! You make my day! :o)

A Romantic Porch said...

How cheery and so cute. I should do that! xoRachel

Betty said...

I like your Irish decorations...and the faith bracelet also.....

We are excited about Marion and John's visit....and thankful....

Thanks for visiting me and the Potter family...Betty

Sher's Creative Expressions said...

I just have one lonely little St. Patrick's Day decoration myself. It's a little St. Pat's Fairy holding a shamrock garland. St. Patrick's Day day gets cheated this year with Easter following it in 6 days!



IsabellaCloset said...

Katherine, Your St Pat's banner looks great. Hope you are enjoy it.
You are a delight to work with!
Thanks again for your banner orders.
Blessings ~Mary~:-}
PS your decorations are lovely!

Karla said...

That is so cheery and sweet! Thanks for showing us!

Sharon said...

Top o the morn'n to you too! Cute decorations! Very springy and fun!

:0) Sharon

Kelli said...

Happy March to you too, Katherine! Your bits of green are so fun and I especially like the little elf. :0)

Alice said...

I don't believe I have a single St. Patrick's Day decoration so I really enjoyed seeing yours.