Confession Time!

Some of you know we've been trying to convert over to a veggie diet. Well, we've been failing a lot lately. First, our vacation played havoc with our diet, then the Easter candy.I have always loved jelly beans, but not just any jelly beans, they have to be the "tiny" jelly beans with no spice and no other odd flavors, just the original kind. This year I had a hard time finding the tiny jelly beans, but finally found them at the checkout counter in Walmart! They were 2 for $1, and I bought four bags! At the present time, there's three down, and one to go! My husband threw away the fourth empty bag, he doesn't know to save trash for me to photograph! LOL! By the way, he eats all the black jelly beans, I don't like licorice!

I have also succumbed to eating Peeps this Easter! Has anybody else been naughty like me, eating these temptations??



Kelli said...

I'm not a fan of jelly beans (my husband loves them though!), but I have a weakness for those peeps...so yummy! When you say veggie diet, do you mean vegetarian? I was a vegetarian for 3 years. :0)

Cathy said...

LOL, Katherine! I love jelly beans too. At least it's not like eating chocolate. My young grandson and his dad love the peeps too. I can't have sweets around, or I will eat them. lol Nuts too -

Lallee said...

I go straight for the malted balls and Russel Stover raspberry cream eggs. If I'm going to eat the calories I'm going for the good stuff ;-)