Blog-a-Thon Week 3 - Decor-a-Tea

Week 3 of La Tea Dah's Hospital-i-Tea Blog-a-Thon. This week is Decor-a-Tea. We are to show how we decorate with a tea theme throughout our homes. I have touches of tea cups and tea pots in almost every room of our house - living room, dining room, master bedroom, family room, breakfast nook, and our kitchen has a tea room theme. I will show a room each day this week.

Our kitchen has a tea room theme using a lot of tea pots in the shape of houses/tea rooms. Our ceilings are so high it is hard to take good photos of the tea things on top of the kitchen cabinets. My husband is six foot two and he even had difficulty getting close enough, and he was standing on a chair!

Above shows the middle cabinets. There is a set of shorter cabinets on either side of this.

To the left, some of this is above the refrigerator, The lemon plate is setting on top of the refrigerator. Things on top of the refrigerator are tea related too.

Top of refrigerator

A close-up, I think you can click on this one and see the cups, and tea pots up close.

Close-up of the center cabinets. Click on it for a larger shot.

Another shot showing the right side of the center cabinets. I think the tea pots have tea room written on them.

A smaller cabinet on the right side. I bought the Victorian tea pot at Cracker Barrel years ago.

Above is a long shot of the kitchen and you can see how high the ceilings are. It is actually a "Great Room" with kitchen, breakfast nook, and family room altogether.

And last - on top of the pantry (across from the cabinets) I have a child's size wicker table and
chairs with a child's tea set on the table. The large picture you see behind is on another high shelf in the dining room.

Long shot of kitchen pantry (we have another pantry in our laundry room.) The niche in the background is where I display the Easter, Christmas, and other vignettes. And you can also see the high shelves in the dining room (in the background.)

I hope you enjoyed seeing my tea room theme kitchen. Now, may I make you a cup of tea? What flavor? You can choose from my tea collection inside my pantry door!



Hope said...

Hi Katherine,
I'm catching up once again! Sorry I haven't been here in a while but it's good to "see" you!

I love your teapot decor and the little wicker table and chairs with the tea set is just precious! Even though I don't drink tea, I adore the teapots!

How tall are those ceilings anyway?? LOL Mine are about 9 ft. but my old cabinets go all the way to the ceiling! The only shelf that is of any real use to me (5ft. 2in. tall) is the bottom one! :O)


Debbie said...

I enjoyed the tearoom tour! My, those are some tall ceilings!

La Tea Dah said...

I would like Lady Gray, please, Katherine. With one sugar cube and milk, please.

What a lovely collection of tea items in your kitchen! It's hard to select a favorite --- but I think I like the Victorian tea pot from Cracker Barrel VERY much and I adore the small children's wicker tea table and chairs. What a darling little tea set you have set upon the table!

Thanks for sharing! I will be back tomorrow to see what else you post. Be sure to sign in with Mr. Linky each day you post so that others are reminded that you have more to share!


Anonymous said...

What a great way to display your collection. They are all so beautiful. I will have to stop back to see what else you have done. Have a great day.

Alice said...

I would love to share a cup of tea in your tearoom theme kitchen, Katherine. As much as I enjoyed seeing your tea decorations, I had to giggle imagining the look on your husband's face when you asked him to stand on a chair to take the photos. He's such a good guy. :)

ellen b said...

I absolutely love the design of your kitchen with all that space on top of your cabinets for your great tea displays. Fabulous! you have a wonderful collection...

A Romantic Porch said...

OH HOW Beautiful. Thank you for taking time to share. xoRachel

Me said...

What a lovely way to display your teapots and teacups! The child's table display is so cute and it's the girls' favorite. :)


Betty said...


Beautiful tea 'theme'....what hours are you open for tea guests?

I told my husband that he has a twin....he will be 70 his birthday....

Thanks for the visit...Betty

Esther Sunday said...

Complete and total eye candy! I love it!!! I would love to be able to place things on top of our kitchen cabinets, but alas, I can't. Lovely selection of tea items! My parents are from Great Britian, so I really understand the whole tea thing!!!!

Scooterblu's Whimsey said...

Hi! New Blogger here and I have enjoyed your post of Tea Pots! I love the little white wicker sweet! :)

Southern Heart said...

Hi have such beautiful "tea" items and lovely collections in your home. I know that guests must enjoy visiting you very much! I'm an Earl Grey girl myself. :)

Sandra said...

Katherine, I ALWAYS love seeing photos of your's just so beautiful. You've displayed your tea things so wonderfully and I enjoyed having a tour. :o)


Penless Thoughts said...

You've never said but I was wondering if your husband is an avid a tea drinker as you? I'm always amazed at your displays.

ceekay said...

Katherine, you are amazing! I love your kitchen, displays and all. I think I may have to copy your shelf idea on the back of pantry door. That is great! Can't wait to see each days always!

Arleen ~ The Tea Room said...

What a great design for displaying vignettes in your kitchen. And I love that you chose to showcase your tea collection. Thank you so much for sharing these photographs with us! ~ Arleen

Kelli said...

Katherine, I LOVE your kitchen!! You have it decorated it beautifully and it is very warm and welcoming. The wicker table and chairs is just darling!

Scooterblu's Whimsey said...

Just ran back over to thank you for visiting my blog and for the kind comments! Love getting visitors...come back again! :) Rhonda

Mary said...


I love your kitchen with the tea theme. My daugher collects tea pots and has several, but none as quaint as that Victorian house tea pot. She has an Easter rabbit, a winter house with a cardinal, a vintage Brown Betty, a one-cup tea pot and several others that I can't remember right now. I have a pumpkin tea pot put away for the boys to give her for Mother's Day.

Be sure to drop over when you get a chance and see the tea display we saw at the pioneer village when we went to the sugar bush on Sunday.

I enjoyed my visit, as always. Love the tea theme.


Betty said...

I think she's a savy lady...thanks for the visit....Betty

Betty said...

Katherine, you have a very pretty home. Thank you for showing us around. I especially found the pantry to be very interesting. It looks odd sharped, and the location of it seems different to me. I love anything that is different than what you usually see.

Lavender, Lace and Thyme said...

Your kitchen is simply amazing, so beautiful. I'll let you select your favorite tea for me, I'm not picky, thank you very much for the wonderful tour! :)

A Hint of Home said...

You have so many lovely tea sets. I love your kitchen. I have the same colors of red and golds in my home. Enjoy your blog.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful space you have to display your lovely tea items.